Top Five Finalist

I went from being the nerdy girl who would never in a million years have dared to believe that I had any business whatsoever being a model to actually getting the chance to do it. I've been modeling part time for a couple of years but this is my biggest opportunity yet.

I am not a 5'10" teenager. I am not the right height, the right size or the right age. I don't have hip bones that stick out farther then my stomach or a face that looks like it is chiseled out of stone but I don't think that has to mean that I can't sell designer clothes or handbags. It doesn't mean that I don't have something special to offer. I don't fit the high fashion mold so it is unlikely that I would ever be considered for a Joe's Jeans worldwide campaign. That is what is so cool about this contest. Someone who might not otherwise have the opportunity now has a chance to do just that. All it takes is for the right person to say yes.

I was at work when I logged into the Joe's Next Model website to see if anything had changed since the last day of voting on Wednesday. I noticed that there were expert industry comments now as promised so I proceeded to read through the comments and hit next model to read each set. It kept cycling through only 5 and I was trying to figure out why I wasn't able to see the rest. I scrolled down a bit further and discovered it was because the runway had been cut down to 5 and I had made the cut!! From 100, to 25, to 10...and now I am one of the Five.

The first person I called was my fiance. Then I called my mom. They have been my biggest support throughout this contest. It felt so good to be able to share this wonderful news with them and hear my excitement and happiness reflected in their voices as they congratulated me. This is what I was truly hoping for and it is kind of surreal that it actually happened. I get to go to the casting in LA and actually meet Joe Dahan-the man behind Joe's Jeans. Top 5 feels amazing but of course I want to go all the way. Come the end of the month when the final winner is announced this can all get 10 X better better for me or come crashing down a little bit like a ton of bricks but for right now I am going to try not to think about that. Right now, I am simply going to enjoy the moment and how great it is to feel like a winner.


mr. nichols said...

Yes! Congratulations CeCe. I don't even know you and I'm so excited for you. lol. I know how much you want this so I'm definitely rooting for you and celebrating the fact that you made Top 5. That's incredible. Keep pushing. Peace.

Flightkeeper said...

Hi Cece, I got to your post from Blogher. I saw your presentation at the Joe's website. I voted for you because of your girl next door personality and liked your presentation. I hope you win!