I Have Two Sides

I am always amused when I am told by someone that I "act so quiet and shy" because I am not acting. I am actually being myself and it is they who have decided who they think I am. It seems at times that people almost feel that I have somehow tricked them into believing I am someone that I am not when all along I was just being me.

I can be quiet and shy at one time and goofy and loud the next. I might be nonchalant and neutral at one moment and outspoken and adamant at another. I love to go out, dance, and have a good time but I enjoy my days alone at home reading and watching movies just as much. I can go out and be the party girl on one night and want nothing more then to stay home in my pajamas the next. I am that quiet innocent looking girl in the corner silently observing but I am also the girl laughing out loud with a drink in her hand at happy hour surrounded by friends.

I am delighted to know that I cannot so easily be placed in one box or the other. There are two sides to every story and I am no different.

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