The Little Girl That Could

I've entered a total of 4 online modeling/photo contests in my lifetime. The first was a long time ago and the prize for the top 5 was to win a spot playing one of the superhero characters on a brand new action TV series called The Revengers. The online voting period was repeatedly extended and when the contest was finally over I was actually #1. I never heard a thing about it after that ever so it was either a very poorly run contest, a scam, or both.

The next one I did was for a Stuff Magazine and it included online voting. I don't have the cleavage and bombshell curves that those models ususally do but I've never let any perceived physical shortcomings stop me before so I went for it. There was an acting component so Instead of relying on sex appeal and pretty I focused on doing a really good and slightly comedic monologue for my video entry. The top 5 won photo shoots in LA. The #1 model was to be featured in the magazine and as the online hostess and the 4 runners up received a small feature. I was a top 10 Semi finalist out of hundreds.

The next one was the Kmart Style Show off contest. Entrants submit a pic and a paragraph that describes their personal style. There was no online voting for this one. I put on my cutest outfit and spent an evening setting the timer on my digital camera and running back and forth to shoot the pictures myself. The top person would be featured in a Kmart add. I made the top 10 out of hundreds and won a flipvideo Camera and a $10 gift card to Kmart. Incidentally, whe winning outfit was one I bought using a $400 Gift Certificate to a posh boutique that I won along with a $400 Spa Package when I texted in to win while watching a TV show.

The next one was for Vogue Eyewear. I didn't win place or show in that one. In addition to that I am also that person that tries to win money and tickets off of the radio, texts to try to win when I see adds on TV, enters to win that two week all expenses paid trip to Fiji, and I have even entered a writing contest. As a child I used to be the one to put together the Publishers Clearing House entry when my parents wanted to throw it in the trash. I am just that person who for some odd reason or another thinks that somehow, someway I might have a chance to win something if I put my best foot forward and never give up. I have had mixed results in modeling and other various contests and competitions. I've lost way more then the time's I've won something. There are moments over the years when I wonder why I even bother at all. What are the odds of winning anything at all? I haven't ever been the grand prize winner in anything but I've come close a few times. I guess I just keep hoping that if I am persistent enough then maybe, just maybe, my time will come.

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mr. nichols said...

Hey CeCe, I really connected with this post. I'm not necessarily the one that enters contests but I do relate to that feeling of knowing you're the one that should be at the top. That's how I feel when it comes to my writing projects and I've submitted so many story ideas to magazines. Rejection after rejection after rejection. But I love your spirit and your drive. Never lose that. Because your time will come and you'll appreciate it all the more because you know how hard you worked and how much you believed in yourself to get there. I can't wait to see what's in store for you because it will be big.