Where Are My Movies?

Last week I was disappointed to find that my movies still had not arrived in my mailbox. Blockbuster never takes this long. Another evening without a movie? Whatever will I do? I have lived alone for the past Five years. Not too long after moving into my own cozy [read tiny] studio I discovered Blockbuster Online to feed my movie habit. I was on an extremely tight budget and I figured that DVD's was my best bet for cheap entertainment at home. It also helps to keep me occupied. It has become a part of my daily routine. Come home from work, decide what to eat, watch a movie, take a shower, watch a little TV or read, go to bed. I am usually on the internet at various points in between. Yeah, I know-very exciting. Blockbuster Online was fairly new back then and they didn't get the movies out as fast as I liked, but over the years they have improved greatly and streamlined their process. I can get movie shipped literally, overnight. They have made some policy changes that I really don't appreciate-because it means less movies-but I have stuck with them because I love watching movies and if I didn't have this it would be too costly. I get movies in the mail and I get to go into the store too-which is definitely more fun when my fiance is here. It allows me to watch a lot of indie and various no name and foreign flicks that I might not want to risk spending close to $5 bucks on. It was just another way I knew my honey and I were perfect for each other-he has his own subscription too! Once he comes back from Kosovo we will get rid of his and keep mine because my queue is on point. I am so up on my new releases that I have movies in there that haven't even been released in theaters yet-and whenever they are released on DVD they will move directly into my Queue without me having to think about it.

I got a bright yellow notice in my mailbox on Wednesday-instead of my movies-advising me that, "In today's economic times, route evaluations and associated changes are necessary to control the rising operational costs and to allow the USPS to provide consistent, efficient and reliable mail service to our customer's on a daily basis." Ahh,..that explains the lack of movies. I think they were all sitting around in the post office because all three were delivered to me on Friday even though the ship dates were all different. I realize that I have been affected by the bad economy. I also realize just how lucky I am that it is only in this minor way. I work for a community college district and while some have been affected with major schedule changes due to cutting hours and there is a hiring freeze they have said they will not do any lay offs. In my previous office I suffered having to work solo a lot due to inadequate staffing. In my current office there are a few vacant positions, but I still have a job and I don't have to worry constantly about loosing it.

So, yesterday I watched Baby On Board and today I have a choice between I Love You Man and Explicit Ills. And, I get to have a cyber date with my Fiance. Yes, indeed I am very lucky and I hope it stays that way.


mr. nichols said...

You already know I had to post something here. Not even that I have anything to add necessarily but just to show some love for your love of movies because I love movies. Great line: "Once he comes back from Kosovo we will get rid of his and keep mine because my queue is on point." I spend hours shaping and tailoring my queue until it's perfect. It really is an addiction. It's good to know I'm not alone. I hope you had fun on your cyber-date. ; )

CeCe said...

The cyber date was great, thanks. And, I too am glad that I am not the only one with this thing about having the most updated and perfect queue!!