The Day After

Saturday morning when I woke up it almost felt like the last two days in LA were a dream. I got up and grabbed my photos from the shoot. Yep, it really happened. I really did just fly up to LA to do a high fashion photo shoot and compete in a modeling contest. At first I didn't really like my pictures. They are raw non re touched digitals. They literally got these to us overnight so of course they didn't have time to re touch. I can see every single flaw in my face, and I don't like it! They are not your typical smiling beauty shots so they are kinda weird! The more I look at them now the more I actually do like them though. I can hardly believe that it's me.

I no longer have this big contest to anticipate and look forward to anymore so it was kind of like "now what?" at first but it's just back to regular life and on to the next thing. At least I am still technically on vacation and I am now just about 2 1/2 months from having MJ back. I've been anticipating that event all year.

So Saturday night I hung out with a friend MT. He is going to be going overseas next week so he stopped by basically to say hello and goodbye. Some people think it's kind of odd that he is a friend who also happens to be an ex but I really don't. I've known him for four years now and he was really there for me during one of the lowest points in my life. The romantic relationship kinda put me through the ringer but I am just not the type of person that can so easily just cut people out of my life. I don't see people as disposable. Our relationship started out as friends. He was just a cool person and we really clicked. He still matters to me as a person so I don't see the point of not maintaining a friendship with him just because it might be seen as "odd." It was never a question that no matter what happened with the relationship that we would remain friends. MJ trusts me and he knows I'm hooked on him. I'm not lookin' for nothin' anywhere else. I have made sure that MJ knows who he is and I always mention it to him if we hang out. I have other male friends and it just isn't a big deal. That is just another example of how so many things in our relationship is seamless. That could be a huge issue with lots of couples but not with us. MT is very respectful of my relationship and while remaining friends with an ex might not work for everyone it works for us.

I was so not up to going anywhere after laying around all day but he assured me the place he wanted to go to was a dive bar/club and that I could show up in cotton shorts and a tank top and not look out of place. So, I pulled myself together and we went. I'm glad we did. Sometimes I get so caught up in being my homebody kind of self that I will spend days at at time in the house alone so why not get out? Especially when I have no plans for the rest of this holiday weekend. There was this corny band with a lead singers that sounded a little like Karaoke. They did Journey, Abba and a couple of other corny songs that I just so happen to love!! We drank, danced, and goofed off. We got Jack In The Box on the way home. The good stuff-burgers and fries!! I NEVER do this. Eating junk food while under the influence is even more delicious and so blissfully guilt free. It was a fun night. Two more days of freedom and then it's back to work.

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mr. nichols said...

That is good that you and your ex can be cool. I do know some people that that would never work for. The next two and half months are about to go by in a blink.