My Joe's Jean's Loot

I finally got all of my Joe's Jean's loot that I won for being a top five finalist in the Joe's Next Model Contest. In addition to the pair of Chelsea skinny jeans we got the day of the shoot they also gave us a $500 credit. Their stuff is expensive but thanks to Joe's Jean's kindly not charging us for tax my credit went pretty far. I got four pairs of expensive designer denim and ended up only having to pay about $60 out of pocket. I placed my initial order in December but had to do some back and forth with exchanging of sizes. Seeing as how my shopping days are pretty much over for the foreseeable future this was a nice treat to help me get my shopping fix without spending hardly any money. I felt like I hit the lottery!!

The Legging in indigo $78.00
I LOVE leggings and I love jeans. So of course I absolutely love jeggings. I laughed when I heard they were calling them that! They are so comfortable. I love wearing tall boots and jeggings are perfect for them. They have an inside ankle zip at the bottom.

The Legging in black $89.00
These are the same leggings in black. The ankle zipper on these is on the outside. The material is a bit thicker on these so I like them a little bit more then the Indigo. The black denim moto jacket here is the very same one that I wore for my Joe's Jean's shoot. I had my heart set on getting it but was told that it was a sample and they decided not to mass produce it so I was out of luck. And no, they wouldn't sell me the sample. I asked.

The Socialite "Yves" $235
I love the pocket and stitching detail. So many of my jeans look just a like but these definitely have a different look to them. I love the slightly faded distressed wash and although I will spend $100 on a pair of jeans I will not do $200 so it was great to be able to get these.
The Cigarette "Tate" $165
I already have three pairs of Joe's skinny jeans in The Chelsea and NO black jeans at all so I decided to get these. They are slim fit with a straight slim leg.

Leather zip up motorcycle jacket Rezrekshn Victoria's Secret: $160
Unfortunately, I couldn't get that hot black motorcycle jacket out of my head that Joe's Jeans so rudely decided not to produce for me so I bought this one from Victoria's Secret in black and it's PERFECT!! It has an amazing fit and I feel so stylish in it. It was a MAJOR splurge for me and I am still in shock that I actually did it-and right before Christmas-but you can feel quality and this is it. It's a classic piece I can wear forever that filled a major whole in my wardrobe.
I did not win the modeling contest but I have such great memories of that entire experience and I scored some great clothes that I would have otherwise not been able to get. Hey, sounds like a winner to me!!


Ms. Chouette said...

I lOve your selection. Look hot! Congrats on the "win"

Silly Girl said...

You have make some great selections! Good for you!