Mad At UPS

I have had a problem with UPS for a while because they will make delivery attempts however if they deliver it at the same exact time every day I am not exactly sure how that is going to help me. If I am not home at 2pm on Tuesday or Thursday I am most likely not going to be there at that same time on Friday either right? The slip indicates different time slots including after 5pm but they always deliver it at exactly the same time and NEVER after 5pm.

My other beef with them is that if I miss a delivery attempt the location that they require me to go pick it up at is about 19 miles away. I basically have zero chance of receiving my package at this point unless I leave work early to go get it because they close at 5pm. The lamest thing about this is that there is a UPS location about 12 miles from my home address. There was a brief period where they switched my pick up location there and I was able to go after work or on a lunch break and pick up a package but they have since switched it back to Siberia. It may be only about a 7 mile difference but it's huge in terms of where it's located in relation to where I actually live.

I have given up altogether and have since started having them mail my packages to work so I don't have to worry about it at all. I ordered my submersible LED lights from 100 Candles and the zip code pre filled to my home address without me noticing although I had switched the shipping address to my work address. So, it went out on their truck one day but when they realized it was the wrong zip code they sent it back on the truck and then I ended up getting it the next day. No big deal.

Out of the blue I find that there is an additional $15 charge on my credit card from 100 Candles. When I call to find out why they say that because of the wrong zip code UPS charged them $15 and they have passed that on to me. What the heck!! That hardly warrants a $15 charge. If they can deliver an item for 3 days in a row and then allow us to even switch the delivery location on top of that at no charge why is it a problem that they had to send an item back to the where house and re ship it because of a zip code error?

It's only $15 bucks but I really hate spending more money then is necessary and especially over B.S. that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They have explained to me the reason for the charge but I don't think it's fair that they just arbitrarily can charge my credit card nor do I think it reasonable that UPS charges anyone $15 just for that.

Whatever. I just needed to vent.

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