Woman Wants To Become World's Fattest

Donna Simpson on a mission to become the 'World's Fattest Woman'

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I guess thin is not in for everyone. There is a woman in New Jersey who is trying to become the worlds fattest woman and while it's refreshing to see that not everyone has fallen victim to the obsession with skinny the extreme alternative ideal that she has taken on is not exactly healthy either. Just as it is not healthy to pursue a weight that is lower then ideal for your body neither is it to do the opposite. What she is doing is sick and makes absolutely no sense. Anyone that supports her in this suicide mission is just as sick too.

She weighs 600 pounds and eats about 12,000 calories a day at a cost of about $750 per week. Who can afford that? I go to work every day (don't think she does) and I couldn't. She says, "I love eating and people love watching me eat,' she told the British newspaper."It makes people happy, and I'm not harming anyone."

Uh, how about yourself? She is harming herself AND she is harming her daughter. Her daughter may think it's ok to do this and never learn a thing about healthy eating and may end up obese herself. Also, being as large as she is she can't be the mother her daughter would probably want her to be. She can't play with her. She won't be able to drive her anywhere or care for her. She's just too big to do much of anything and she is a poor example. Worst of all she is likely to die before her time. That does not sound like being a good mother to me.

I can't help but wonder if this is some sort of publicity stunt or if she really is just that ignorant. Either way it's very sad.

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