Dancing With The Stars Controversy

So, there seems to be a lot of outrage over Shawn Johnson's win on DWTS. I read some of the message boards and some people are down right mean. It just goes to show you that no matter who you are if you are in the public eye there are going to be many people judging you and disliking you. Of course there will be fans too but there is always going to be that negative side and it goes with the territory. She is a squeaky clean all american girl, only 17 years old, and an Olympian who has worked her butt of pretty much her whole life to win that gold medal and people are still making mean comments. DWTS is not a typical ballroom dance competition. If it were perhaps she would not have won because she clearly didn't have the aesthetic lines or the passion in her performances that the runner up did. If it were a typical ballroom dancing show then it would be totally up to the judges and so many people would not have had an interest in watching it to make all of these comments in the first place. It is a reality TV show and set up to be partly a popularity contest so I don't understand why people are so upset. It is what it is and she was good. Even if you didn't like her look being that she is so short and stocky or felt that Gilles was a better dancer you can't deny that she was good. I think it's great to see a gymnast win-but I am biased because I used to be a gymnast and I love gymnastics. How amazing is that? To be a gold medalist in the Olympics AND win DWTS!! She has had and continues to have so many amazing opportunities not to mention big bucks but it all started with a dream and the sweat and chalk dust that comes with the daily rigors of gymnastics. It is a very difficult sport that receives a fraction of the attention that many other sports do and only the very very best-and usually only during an olympic year-are ever capable of getting a monetary return on the astronomical expense it takes to get there. She has accomplished a lot in her young life but she has worked so hard. I think she deserves it and all I can say is congratulations on a job well done.

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