A Real Model

After I read the E mail I let out a yelp of excitement. I literally could NOT help it. I could not control my excitement nor did I want to. I got the official e mail from Joe's Jeans regarding the dates and times for the final casting. All finalists [OMG I am a FINALIST!!] are requested to be in LA September 3-4 for a photo shoot and wrap party where the winners will be announced. We are to e mail our denim sizes and nearest airport city. All travel arrangements will be made for us. Yeah, I already knew I made the Top Five. I saw it with my own eyes last Wednesday when I checked the Joe's Next Model website but somehow it still seemed way too good to be true. Seeing those words in that E mail really made it sink in for me. This is really happening. I sat there in front of my lap top and cried tears of relief and happiness. This is not a joke. This is not a scam. This is a real contest for a popular, well known, and successful denim brand. And I am a real model. I suppose I technically have been for a while but it has only ever been just a "side gig" for me and I've never felt accomplished enough to really believe it. You may not see my face in Elle or plastered all over Target but I can still hold my head high after this contest knowing that I am finally doing something that matters in modeling. Regardless of what happens I can always say that I did this. I was good enough to earn this amazing and wonderful opportunity. I didn't give up no matter how hopeless or impossible modeling has always seemed for me. All that hoping, dreaming, and effort was all for this moment. Win or loose, because in my book I've already won.

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mr. nichols said...

I'm so excited for you. This will be a great experience and indeed, like you said, you've already won because you took the chance.