Another Tired Monday

I am about half way through my work day. Monday's are really rough for me lately. It's not like I exerted myself over the weekend. All weekend I was as I call a "shut in." Saturday I woke up early, cleaned house, got the car washed and stopped at the post office. I mailed my very last care package to MJ!! Yeah. This is one more step towards him being home. I spent most of Sunday on youtube. You know how one video kind of leads to another and another....and before you know it you've done nothing but watch random clips and documentaries for hours? Thank goodness for my new Macbook. I notice that I read a lot less then I used to but at least it's keeping me occupied. I hung out with MJ via Skype both days so that was cool. I didn't have any plans or anything I really needed to do so I knew I'd pretty much be in the house alone both days but I really didn't care one way or the other. I truly am a homebody.

On days like this when I am tired and can think of nothing else but running home and slipping into my pajamas I often consider what it would be like if I had a child at home. Instead of slipping under the covers of my bed I might be picking up my child from school, fitting in a bit of play time, getting dinner ready and getting him/her ready for bed. On weekends I wouldn't be able to just bump around aimlessly. It seems so exhausting. Do I have the energy and the strength for all of that? They say when you have a child not only do you find the energy but you really want to. Is the fact that I wonder about this a sign? Well, at this point that remains to be seen but I imagine at one point or another I will have my answer.

Football season is in full swing and poor MJ is a million miles away in a foreign land with a 9 hour time difference. He called me to say that he was going to bed early so he can wake up at 1 am his time to watch his team the Bills play. He should be up when I get home from work so I will hopefully have a quick chat with him before he goes back to bed. Instead of talking with him in my car on my lunch break I took a power "nap" instead. I rolled down the windows, reclined my seat, and closed my eyes. I don't usually actually fall asleep but I think it still helps...for a little while at least.

Well, almost done. Hanging in there.


mr. nichols said...

He will be home before you know it and all this time right now will feel like a lost memory. I definitely feel you on the YouTube trap. I got caught up many times. said...

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