Eyes Lips Face

OK, so I am not a huge wearer of make up. I go for more of the on the go minimalist look. At least that's what I call it! But, there are times when I do feel like going that extra step to make me feel more confident and radiant. Like a great outfit make up can make you feel just that extra bit polished. I am on budget and Make Up can be very expensive so it's not necessarily a place where I want to put too much money but I have discovered e.l.f. Cosmetics where make up is actually affordable.

Last year I heard about $1.00 make up on the radio. My co worker and I and every other woman in my city went onto the e.l.f. website and it promptly crashed from all the traffic. There was this frenzy to get on that site and get the bargains while they lasted but it just so turns out the prices are always that low. We had to wait a day while the site administrators unclogged the traffic jam but we managed to place our order. A few days later we were rewarded with tons of make up for less then $50.00 bucks. Just a single liquid foundation can cost close to that at a department store make up counter. I even bought some extra for my mom. Some of the the product sizes are a bit smaller but for $1.00 who can really complain about that? The quality of the product was great too.

I love modeling and so when I saw the casting for the face of e.l.f. cosmetics I was all over it. Their message is "Beauty at all ages" which I really like. I am on the "older" side for a model so in this youth obsessed culture it's great to see a modeling contest that is actually broken up into different age categories with the highest one being 40+. I don't have to compete against teenagers or lie about my age!

It is a long shot but that hasn't stopped me before. I did better then I ever expected to do in the Joe's Next Model Contest. I always say that if you don't play you can't win and I believe that no matter what you should do what you love. I may be an office assistant for a living. That is how I pay my bills, but I still want to do what I love. For me that is modeling and writing. I may not make any money at it but it makes me happy so I figure if I just keep doing it I can't loose.

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