Too Sleepy For Figure Skating

The Winter Olympics looks cold. For so many of the events as a spectator you can't even really see the whole event because it's an obstacle course like set up. The conditions don't really lend themselves to concession stands and or even sitting in actual seats most of the time. How can one bear to stand around in the snow for hours on end? Aren't they freezing their butts off? I could barely make it for an hour out walking around in Washington DC in December without feeling like I was getting frostbite and that death from exposure was imminent. They just sound like really tough [cold] sports to go and watch.

Even as a spectator in my warm cozy house I can't really get as interested in the Winter Olympics as much as I do the Summer games. As thrilling as bobsledding, luge, and skiing is they just don't hold my attention. I do however really, really love to watch Ladies figure skating. I stayed up and watched the short program on Tuesday and was looking forward to the long program last night. Only problem is that I could NOT keep my eyes open. I tried so hard but after the 1st skater Rachel Flatt performed the next thing I knew the other American Mirai Nagasu was taking the ice and she was the last to go! I'd missed just about the whole thing and couldn't even manage to stay awake through her whole performance.

I was surprised that Nagasu beat Flatt. Rachel's long program was good AND she was ahead of Marai going into the competition. I was glad to find out that Joannie Rochette from Canada managed to win the bronze. I can't even imagine the pain of losing my mother let alone on the eve of the Olympics. She could have fallen apart but she rose to the occasion. Kim Yu Na won the gold as I expected. She is miles above her competitors. Like a machine. She won by 16 points! It must kind of suck for Mao Asado and all other skaters to know that even on their best most perfect day they can't beat her.

Yeah, yeah!! It's Friday and pay day. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow and the most exciting thing I will be doing all weekend is going to H.R. Block to do my taxes but that is just fine by me. In case you hadn't heard ALL footlongs are $5 bucks at Subway right now so I am going to stop and pick up a Roast Beef for dinner and Mj and I are going to watch a movie.

I love weekends!


Olivea said...

I somehow managed to stay up and watch it. I cried like baby when Joannie Rochette received her medal. So sad and touching.

Southerland Living said...

Thanks for following! Hope yal have a great weekend!!