Cruel & Ugly World

Chelsea King: Police Find Body of Missing Teen Runner - ABC News

It really upsets me that we live in such a cruel and ugly world. It's nothing new, although it does seem to get worse and worse, and it's not likely going to change. Why does an innocent young girl with a bright future out taking a jog need to loose her life? Just because some psycho can't control his sexual and criminal urges and decides he is going to take it? That is basically the answer but I just find it so sad and unacceptable.

I live in the county where this happened. I can't help but shake my head every time I walk by the poster at work that says "Chelsea King: Missing." She is no longer missing. In just a matter of six days they confirmed what I had suspected. She was murdered in a senseless act of violence. A girl like that typically doesn't just decide not to come home and not tell her parents. The fact that her car with cell phone was found abandoned and articles of her clothing were found as well did not bode well. The suspect in the case has a history of attacks on young girls and he is not the only one out there.

I feel as though if I had a child I would be absolutely terrified all the time because my child is basically a sitting duck for any sicko. Anyone is for that matter. It makes no difference what neighborhood you live in either. Chelsea King is from a very affluent community and the community park she was running in is in an extremely well kept area that is typically considered safe. She was running in broad daylight. What is a parent to do? You can't be with them all the time and you can't keep them locked up at home. Just one more reason I question whether or not I want children. Do I want to bring a child into this world and then worry about them every second?

It is just such a shame that this kind of senseless act of cruelty occurs every day all over the world. And essentially, there is nothing that anyone can really do to ensure that it will not happen again. It makes you realize just how vulnerable we are. This could really happen to anyone and the knowledge of that is quite chilling. We have no control over evil intentions of those who we may cross paths with but at the same time we can't live our lives in fear. I am a wimp. I have no idea how I would react if I were attacked and my life were on the line. All we can do is just continue to live our lives and do our best to make good decisions. Self defense training certainly couldn't hurt. You never know when it might come in handy.

My heart goes out to Chelsea King's family. What a nightmare to have to live through.

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Silly Girl said...

I can't imagine what her parents are going through. I have a child and things like this makes me hug him tighter and say an extra prayer.