Big Sister

We didnt always get along so well. I have memories of us playing Barbies together and then suddenly becoming the pesky kid who wouldnt leave her alone while she chatted on the phone eagerly adapting to the patterns and behaviors of a typical teenager. I was only five years younger but much too young to understand how she could enjoy talking on the phone so much and why her hair and cloths had become so important. Later, after I got older and turned into the typical teenager myself is when we re connected again and really became friends. She is my best friend who also happens to be my big sister. We talk on the phone like its going out of style, travel together, and we hang out together. Be it clubs, happy hours, bar b q's, errands, or going out to eat. She knows all of my secrets; the good the bad and the ugly tidbits of information that I dont share with anyone else. She puts up with my moodiness and my frugal ways. We may not always agree nor do we like everything about each other but we dont judge and we accept one another for who we are. Sometimes we become irritated with each other but we are family and nothing will ever destroy the bond that we have. She sings a little too loudly in public sometimes, can be as grumpy as a 90 year old lady, and is just a little too dreamy for her own good but at the end of the day she is my sister, I love her and it is all of those things that make her who she is. Dont let all the tattoos fool you!! She definitely has a wild side and loves to get her drink on, but she is a hard worker and handles her business. She is feisty and impulsive. She is a great person and a great friend. My sister is beautiful, fun loving and fun to be with. She is generous and will go out of her way to help others. She has an ease about her that allows her to become swept up in the moment and it is always interesting to hear of her latest dilemma of the moment. We can talk for hours about almost nothing and other times we don't need to talk at all. Through all of my ups and downs in life she has always been there for me whether it be venting my frustrations, sharing good news, or just needing a friend. She is moving out of state in two weeks and the idea of not having her around saddens me. Its been great always knowing that I have someone to count on and that I always have a friend. I have been so lucky to have such a solid relationship with my sister and also lucky that we live close to each other but very soon that will change. I know we will stay in touch, but it wont be the same.

While I may not agree, I understand and respect her decision to move. She wants to build a life for herself and is ready for a change. I am happy that she is having the opportunity to do that, but I am also skeptical. She is a great catch and she always has been; she has just been unlucky in love thus far. There were times when I literally wished I could shake some sense into her time after time when she would allow herself to be mistreated and keep going back for more. After a while, all you can do is be supportive. There is only so much I can say and it is ultimately up to her to make changes. She has been dragged through the dirt by more then one man in her past yet she still manages to maintain such an unwavering belief in true love and living happily ever after. She will make an excellent wife and mother some day and I just hope that the person she is uprooting her life for will realize just what a treasure he has in her and act accordingly. He is a very lucky man even if he doesnt fully realize it just yet. I want her to be happy and finally have a man in her life that will treat her with the respect that she deserves. I sincerely hope that everything works out the way she wants it to. I have watched her struggle with her weight, school, finances, and love life. Through it all she just keeps on going with an attitude and energy that won't quit. I think it's about time she had her turn at getting what she wants out of life.

Our Baja Mexico cruise couldnt have come at a better time. One last trip to enjoy together; I dont know when the next one will be. Three of our trips have been partially funded by timeshare girls!! Weve done Rosarito and we've done Vegas together twice. The first time we walked from the Stratosphere to the Tropicana. Call us crazy but we burned a lot of calories!! We did this same Baja cruise last year and we always have fun together. This trip was no exception. We worked out at the gym, lounged by the pool, indulged at the buffet, went dancing at night and watched the onboard shows. We people watched, took pictures, laughed a lot and just had a good time with each other. Nothing but good times and even greater memories.

This corner of the world will be a lot lonelier without her. She will be dearly missed.