Just When You Think

Just when you think you've got it all. Well, not everything of course but at least getting a little closer to it. Just when you think that you have finally got something figured out and take that long awaited sigh of relief. Just when you have allowed yourself to stop worrying so much and just live a little already life has this truly annoying and ever present way of knocking the wind right out of your sails. It almost never fails. The times when everything seems to fall into place is just the calm before the storm. You may not know exactly what kind of storm it will be or when it will make its presence known but you can be assured that it will come. Just as surely as you must breathe air to live the storm will come; it's just a matter of time. Often when you least expect it. When you least deserve it.

Experience has shown me that life is absolutely not fair and that you can't always have it your way so I am not surprised. Just taken off guard because I was riding the wave of good times and when you are riding that high sometimes you forget about that impending storm that is probably lurking around the corner. You forget how quickly things can turn. These are the times that test your strength. Where you make the decision to turn lemons into lemonade or turn adversity into your undoing. When the going gets rough it feels like a sentence more then it does a choice but when all is said and done that's exactly what it is-a choice. We can't always choose what happens in our lives but we can choose how we respond. I am going to fall down and cry-over and over more times then I can count-but after each time I have to get up again. I can and will get mad and mope and whine but that will only get me so far. Regroup, reassess, re evaluate. Make a new plan. Do whatever has to be done in order to accept what is, deal with it and keep moving forward. I've done it before. Just as the hard times always seem to be lurking around the corner when times are good, when things go wrong the good times are waiting for me too. Some things are worth waiting for.