Hello Three Day Weekend

It is absolutely heavenly to still be in my jammies right now on my living room couch instead of sitting in a desk at a cubicle in the grayish tan colored office I spend 40 hours a week of my life at.  If only every morning could be like this.  I've been worn out from working an extra hour every day in the morning for the last two weeks and my handsome reward of a Friday off has finally arrived.  I've been sitting here reading blogs, surfing the net and eating my PBJ and it feels grand. 

Mj still continues to put me to shame in the kitchen but that's OK because I continue to be the recipient of deliciousness.  I still think about that chocolate peanut butter cake he made from scratch and when he makes stir fry it tastes like it came out of a chinese restaurant.  Now that he has subscribes to the Food Network magazine no doubt he will be inspired to make even more goodies.  Not that he hasn't ever made freshly squeezed lemonade before because he has but this recipe called for boiling the lemon peels and using that to flavor it which he was excited to try.

It's time to get productive.  My bridal shower is tomorrow.  I'm having a party at my house for the first time so even if it's not totally together the way I wish it were I can at least make sure that it's clean.  Then there are errands to do and things to organize but at the end of it all I plan to spend a relaxing night with Mj watching a movie and drinking fresh squeeze lemonade.  Wow...It looks just like it did in the magazine minus the Jose Cuervo bottle that is.
We finally figured out what to do with that giant bottle of not nearly as good as Don Julio disgusting Jose Cuervo that has been sitting in the kitchen collecting dust for almost a year.  Incidentally, it tastes amazing with lemonade.  Mj may be the talent behind the lemonade but adding the Jose Cuervo was my idea!


Steph said...

Hope you have a great time at the bridal shower.

Jamie said...

Hi, just stumbled on your blog, I think we are kindred spirits. :] Congrats on your wedding, hope it is the no-fuss affair you really want!