Tuesday Night Ball Game

Perfect View
We went to the ball game last night.  On a Tuesday night of all nights.  If Mj gets the tickets for free from work then we go and if it just so happens to be on a Tuesday at 7:00 pm then so be it.  This is our 3rd game this season.  We went in April to see his Braves and in June with my parents.  Aside from the fact that the trolley ride back to our cars took way longer then usual I enjoyed this one more then the others for the following reasons:
  1. I wasn't freezing my butt off.  It's really hard to focus on the sometimes anti climatic game of baseball when your nose feels like an ice block and the breeze feels like it's biting through your clothes.  I am always amazed when I see people wearing tanks and shorts and trying to look all cute while I am wearing gloves and a double layer of shirts. I get cold easy and being cold sucks. It's a form of torture for me and if I am being tortured I am likely to care more about how soon I can leave then what is actually going on in the game. 
  2. Our seats were awesome.  Our April seats were close but these were close, at the perfect height and right beside home plate.  We had a nice view of the entire stadium and the field.  The guys didn't look like tiny little figurines that I should just ignore and I felt so close to the action that I really wanted to become interested in what was going on and follow the game. I even learned a little bit more about some of the rules.
  3. The game was actually exciting!  Someone got out while trying to steal a base and the home team scored two home runs.  One of which I missed while in the restroom changing into a warmer top.  The chronically cold have to be prepared.  The score actually got up to five which means there were five times in the game that there was some real action going on which is not often the case with baseball where it can go on and on forever and finish 1 to 0 with not much in between.
You will never catch me watching baseball on TV.  It's just way too boring for me.   But I really enjoy the experience of going to a live game.  You get to watch people make a fool of themselves on the jumbo tron and at this game they even had a croquet demonstration before the game started.  You can actually order food right from your seats in this section but we chose to use our own legs instead to save us the 15% service charge.  The food is already expensive enough.  I didn't get my usual beer and a giant over sized hot dog this time.  I enjoyed my $8.00 turkey wrap while Mj ate his $6.00 hot dogs and we shared his his $4.00 water. 

Good thing the tickets were free.


Silly Girl said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time out!

Adorably Distracted... said...

I'm like you! I love going to the games but I lose interest when I'm watching on T.V. Double layers?!!? Where are you!? I miss that weather. Hope you have a great day!

Frugalista said...

Sadly, i'm in So Cal. Mj didn't even have a jacket on. Like I said...I am ALWAYS COLD. And usually colder then most!!

jacin said...

whats up with the cali weather this summer!! i'm in SF and it's ALWAYS freezing, so sad :( haha - looks like you had a nice time!!

Dancy said...

I'm with you - I love going to games, but watching it on TV is pretty boring. Looks like it was fun! :)

Amy said...

Your blog looks so fascinating! Once I get a spare moment I plan to read all your entries!


P.S. You were a gorgeous bride and I loved your wedding dress ;-)

Creature Gorgeous said...

We went to watch the ball game, too (in DC). I'm with Amy: your blog is fascinating!

Frugalista said...

Jacin-I know. Our summer was mostly non existent here except for this week!

Thanks so much Amy and Creature!- I feel totally boring and uninteresting most of the time so this is HUGE compliment.

Amy-We obviously have very similar taste in wedding dresses!!

Steph said...

I love, love, love baseball. We are going to our first game together this season Sunday. I can't wait.