From the Plane to the Party

My husband is home!  I am no longer reduced to communicating with him by E mail and Facebook.  After a 14 hour international flight from a country with a 17 hour time difference, a two hour flight delay and a two hour drive from LA he finally made it home around 5:45pm.  Just in time to hop in the shower and put on the clothes I'd picked out for him so we could go to a friend's B Day party downtown.  He literally went from the plane to the party which is insane if you asked me.  I get jet lagged and worn out just traveling on a 1 hour flight where I don't switch time zones.  
Reunited and it feels so good
We met his friends at Red Pearl Kitchen downtown and had a good time.   I was a little skeptical because it's a Pan Asian restaurant and I'm so picky but there were things I liked.  Everything was served family style so we got to try a lot of different dishes.  If I had to rely on chop sticks I would have starved.  I'm the only one at the table who had to ask for a real fork so I could actually eat.  It was Anne's 30th Birthday and she celebrated it in style.  After dinner we walked to their hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel and had a few drinks there.  It had a great wrap around balcony with a nice view of the city.  Mj was too tired to get too much of his drink on so he had announced himself designated driver and I took full advantage.  As the night went on he was still hanging in there....but just barely.  When everyone headed down to the club we headed for home.  By the time we walked into the house he was practically sleep walking, I was tipsy drunk and we both slept like rocks. 
A Gift from Mj.  Hand made jewelry box
It's so good to have him back home.  Australia was his last long work trip of the year.  His family reunion is this weekend in Delaware so there is one more out of state trip but I won't miss him.  'Cause this time I get to go too.


Lil' Woman said...

Glad that he got back safely and that you get to see your hunny again!

Welcome back MJ! :)

Ameena said...

Your hubby is like my daughter...they never run out of energy. There is just something about flying that totally takes everything out of me! Even an hour flight - as you said.

I am far too impatient to use chopsticks myself...but I hear Red Pearl Kitchen is amazing!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

awww...glad your hubby is home and what a trooper that he went along to the party. make sure he gets some rest though! glad he will be home for a while:-)

Faith said...

i love how happy the both of you look in the picture! i can only imagine how thrilledyou are to have him back home!

welcome back MJ! and seriously, what a trooper ... i would have complained about how tired i was and not go, haha.

Dancy said...

Yay! Welcome home MJ!

Tatiana said...

oh man, he is brave for going anywhere after such a long flight. I don't even want to go anywhere after a day of work. haha
You guys make a great couple by the way :-)

PS: thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment :-)

Mrs HoneyBun said...

yeah!! Glad your hubby is home! Welcome home MJ!!

Melissa said...

Glad he's home! What a trooper!