Team USA is Golden

Team USA Gold  [Source:  USA]
If you follow gymnastics this is no longer breaking news but the US women won team gold at the World Championships last week in Tokyo.  They did am amazing job!  Every single one of them stuck every single routine through the qualifying competition and final competition.  Alica Sacramone tore her Achilles in podium training so she was out.  This was a real  blow to the team but they didn't let it affect them.  Russia was second China finished third and the Romanians were in fourth.  It's a very unforgiving format with three gymnasts up on each event and every single score counts.  Every other team had breaks but not USA.  They were like perfect little dancing flipping machines and could not be stopped.  They aired the Team Final and the Individual All around competition last weekend on NBC so I got four hours of gymnastics over the weekend.  Universal Sports aired the event finals but unfortunately we don't get that channel for free.  I would have been willing to pay the $19.99 to watch it live on Universal  Sports online but with the time difference between here and Tokyo I would not have gotten to sleep.  The Pan Am Games start soon.  I'm hoping that will be televised as well.  Could it be possible that I would actually get to watch 4 competitions on TV in the same year?  We'll see.  Nastia Liukin (2008 Olympic All Around Champion) officially announced her comeback.  By this time I just thought she was stringing the media along for the last 2 years saying "we'll see" when she really meant "no way" but it looks like she's really doing it so it'll be interesting to see how she does.

Chusovitina, Maroney & Thi Ha Than Phan [Source:  USA] 
I have to point out that the Vaulting silver medalist is married, has a child and is 36 years old!!  In a sport where those in their early 20's are ancient this is amazing and very cool.  Her name is Oksana Chusovitina and she started out competing for the Soviet Union, then Uzbekistan but has represented Germany for the last five years.  She was competing back in 1989 before most of her current competitors were even born.  She will be going for her 6th Olympics next year. 

Team USA Medals (Women's)
Team:  USA, Gold
All Around:  Jordan Wieber, Gold
Vault:  Mckayla Maroney, Gold
Beam:  Jordan Wieber, Bronze
Floor:  Aly Raisman, Bronze


Mrs. Pancakes said...

you know i love gymnastics but sadly don't follow it until there are thanks for the updates. i even wrote a story about a gymnast when i was young..i need to find that one!

Ameena said...

Gymnasts always blow me away. Probably because I can barely do a somersault without hurting myself! These girls are so impressive!

Tami-scramble said...

I'm so out of the loop. We haven't had TV in over 5 years. I do miss watching thing like this (and who am I kidding, The Kardashians) but it's nice saving the money and not getting sucked into pointless TV. Was refreshing to hear about the Silverist @ 36 years old. That's amazing!

Lil' Woman said...

I like gymnastics but usually only watch it when it's on the Olympics....but go USA!!!

Faith said...

i haven't watched gymnastics in so long ... but that's awesome for USA! :)

p.s. i saw your question, hehe. sorry i confused.

from 10/6/11 - 10/11/11 Sean and i were in Miami. my birthday was on 10/13/11 where i proceeded to be sick all day. on 10/14/11 i did my birthday dinner with my sisters. hope that timeframe helps :)

Kathy C. said...

Gosh it's been forever since I've seen gymnastics... I used to love it! Good for them for doing so awesome! Can't wait for the olympics!