Navy Blue Chucks

Last Thursday night it occurred to me that I needed a pair of casual shoes that would look cute with skinny jeans.  I've got so many of them now.  I have plenty of casual flat boots and I love that look but sometimes you just need a casual not quite tennis shoe that looks good and doesn't make you feel like you gave up on your outfit.

Friday morning I checked out DSW online.  Nothing.  Then I stumbled onto Converse.  Not really my style....but cute and reasonably priced.  Nordstrom's had them in the perfect color.  Navy Blue is a versatile and will go great with jeans.  I called and made sure they had my size, they put them on hold for me,  and on my lunch break I went and tried them on.  I liked them, I bought them and that was that.  These shoes will never go out of style since they've been around for oh, forever and they are classics.  I got them home and Mj echoed my earlier sentiment.  Chucks?, that's not your style.  But when I put them on he liked them and said they were cool lookin' on me.  They kind of have a throw back edge to them and I wasn't really sure if I could pull it off but I put them on and it just worked.

Sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning I decided that I needed a pair of Navy Blue low top Chuck Taylor's and I had them by lunch time.  It's funny how it happens that way.  I may be indecisive at times but when I decide I want something.  I WANT it and I want it yesterday.  What struck me the most aside from my ridiculous tendency for impulse shopping is the fact that I COULD buy them.  There have been very lean times where I might have wanted to spend $20 bucks on something I really needed and just didn't have the money to do it.  I've scraped pennies out of my car cup holder just to be able to afford a $1 coffee.  

I live within my means and if my means tell me that I cannot shop or that I cannot have this or that like it or not I accept it.  I've always been very conservative with my money.  I don't make a whole heck of a lot of it but I know how to manage what I've got.   I did not have a melt down, because sadly buying shoes has caused this in the past.  I did not berate myself for spending money unnecessarily.  

My means told me I could have a pair of Chucks if I wanted them and I happily obliged.


Faith said...

love your chucks!

glad that you are not beating yourself up for buying yourself something nice. you work hard, so you deserve to treat yourself :)

Brown Girl said...

Cute, my go to flats for the winter have been my Toms, I think they are pretty ugly but they are just so easy and versatile. Plus so so so comfortable. I actually just bought a pair of the wedges.

Natalie said...

I love my Chucks. I have a navy blue pair too!

Ameena said...

Sometimes it's just the idea that you CAN buy something that's enough. I totally know what you mean!

I wish I were a Converse girl but they just make my feet look big. Not sure why? But I admire them on other people.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i have never been into Chucks but they are super cute! it's always good to treat yourself!

The Funky Junkie said...

Hahah I TOTALLY know the feeling of the feeling striking you and you have to have something!

One time in college there was this high-end dress shop downtown that was closing and having a major sale. I had been eyeing this red dress in the window for months, and when I popped in just to see how much it was, it was marked down to $50. That was a little steep for my college budget at the time, so I sadly left and went to class. But, as I was sitting in class, I just could not. stop. thinking about the dress, and actually left class early so I could go buy it. Definitely one of my favorite purchases EVER!

Doesn't it feel good to treat yourself sometimes? Especially when you live within your means so that you can afford a little luxury every now and then. So excited you got them and I bet they look great!

LWLH said...

Love your Chucks....I have the hightop black ones :)

Janna Renee said...

That's exactly how I feel about shopping. I know exactly how much I need for bills, savings, vacation fund, "fun money" and miscellaneous, so anything above that is fair game ;) I think chucks are fun, but haven't had a pair in years...I guess I got sucked into the Tom's craze. I did hear that you can design your own converse, so I really want to look into that.