No Carne Asada Tacos For You

Happy Friday everyone!!  It's time for some confessions.

I confess that after several years of blogging I finally did my first sponsored post.  I know that "sponsored post" is sometimes seen as a bad word in blog land but I'm feeling pretty good about the one I chose because it's a product that I truly love and had even already blogged about.  I was offered a chance to blog about a cellulite cream and a skin firming machine.  I thought about doing it for two seconds but turned it down because those are things I would never use and so even if readers might be interested it just didn't feel right getting paid to post about it.  Chances are they won't pop up too often but when and if they do just know that I'm only going to sponsor products that I really feel like I can stand behind.

I confess that I'm still watching 16 and pregnant.  I blame my DVR for recording it.  Yes, I set up that recording a long time ago but still.  While I'm on the subject are there no teen mom's in Arizona or Colorado with teen dads that don't wear camo?  In the last episode I swear I saw a camo pillow in the hospital where she had her baby and then when the baby was born he was immediately dressed in a camo onesie.  It seems like all the teens on the show are from the sticks of the Midwest or the South.  What's up with that?   

I confess that I'm really disappointed that I won't be eating Carne Asada Tacos tonight.  I've been stopping at Santana's on the way home almost every Friday since MJ has been gone but with four stitches in my mouth it would be too painful to eat something you sort of have to shove your face into.  Eating a taco with a fork makes no sense.

I confess that I drank wine out of a wine glass with a straw out of the side of my mouth in a restaurant last night.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

I confess that I did not miss exercising during those 10 weeks post surgery.  It was really nice not to have to worry about trying to fit it into my schedule, feeling like I had to do it or feeling guilty if I didn't.  It's not that I hate exercise, it's just that I'm worn out after work and I still find it so difficult to find the time and energy to fit it in.

I confess that the Yoga video that used to be a piece of cake kicked my booty.  I was actually sore afterwards and yoga rarely makes me sore.  The upside is that I'm burning more calories then I used to because I'm working harder.  The downside is that it means I'm out of shape!! The 2nd time I did it I didn't get sore at all so I'm already doing better.  I'm going to go back to 30 Day Shred level 1 so I can get back to level 3.  I didn't really miss it but once I get started it is kind of addicting because I want to improve and get back to where I was.  I like being fit even if sometimes the work it takes to get there really sucks.

I confess that this is the first time I've blogged this many days in a week since I marathon posted about our Maui vacation in December.  Four times is nothing for some people but it's kind of a big deal for me!  Don't get used to it.

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Faith said...

yay for your first sponsored post being something that you actually use in your life! that's huge in blog land these days to be honest.

haha, 16 and pregnant! I haven't watched it in so long but based on that description it doesn't seem as though much has changed.

wine in a straw - nothing wrong with that, you need to get your fill somehow! ;)

Rachel said...

I totally agree with your stance on sponsored posts. I rarely get those opportunities either, and when it's a product I don't believe in I feel so conflicted and bummed and reluctantly turn it down too. But be proud of yourself for showing integrity!

Also, I totally know what you mean about being relieved about not having to fit in exercising into your day. While I love it while I do it, I also stress out about finding the time to work out, shower, etc.

Janna Renee said...

Don't tell me no! Haha. Sorry you don't get to eat it. At least you found a way to drink your wine ;) Congrats on the sponsored post! I just pick and choose which ones I do. I turn down a lot because I would feel phony pushing a product I don't believe in.

Law_Fal said...

That straw in the wine glass is definitely something I've done before :)

Lauren W said...

That's neat that you were able to get paid for a post! It's good to know you only promote the product if it's something you truly love. It's easy to spot when bloggers don't have the same integrity as you - every other post starts being sponsored. That's when I stop reading. Lol.

Pegster said...

I so love your confession posts. Drinking wine through a straw, I guess you are right, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do :).

YAY for sponsored posts that actually make sense. The only way to be honest about a product is to actually use it and love it (seriously)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Sponsored posts are definitely fun when you can be honest about the product!! And I'm sure you are glad to be back to exercising...enjoy discovering how strong your body is all over again!!

Ashley R said...

You are my kind of girl. That is all.

Jenny said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with doing a sponsored post once in a while and if it's something you would have used anyway. No worries!
P.S. I love this whole confession thing!! said...

When I blogger I trust (Such as yourself ;)) does a sponsored post I am actually excited about it :)

Brittany said...

Congrats on your first sponsored post! I think that's awesome!