Eat as Much as Possible Wearing as Little as Possible

Breakfast Appointment

I don't think we've ever had a vacation with zero plans.  There were a few day excursions in mind but we figured we'd limit it to one or two at the most so we could fully enjoy the resort and get our money's worth.  Once we got there we didn't feel like doing a day excursion.  We thought about taking a cab ride into town where they have shops and little restaurants but when it came right down to it we didn't even want to do that.

First of all, I'd have to put on clothes and in my opinion it was much to hot and humid to wear clothes during the day and I couldn't be too far away from water or else I'd melt.  There was a wedding there every day but Monday.  I saw brides in full on wedding gowns and men in full on suits and I was thinking, uh uh.  It's waaaaayyy to hot for clothes let alone all that.  I'd be sweating my buns off.  I couldn't even wear make up (not that I wanted to).  I brought my whole make up bag to Hawaii and didn't touch it so this time I just bought some basics in a small bag and didn't use any of it.  It's just too humid.  Secondly, by day three we'd gotten pretty good at relaxing the days away and were really liking the idea of not having any plans or commitments beyond the beach.  I didn't even want to book a spa appointment.  Thirdly, I really didn't want to spend a lot of money.  Our only expenses were food at the airport, driver tip there and back and the cost to launder our travel outfits.  It made me feel better about the all inclusive fee and it was nice not to come home to a big vacation bill.  The decision was unanimous.  Our mission would be to eat and drink as much as possible while wearing as little clothing as possible.  Normally, I'd say that makes zero sense but the awesome thing about vacation is that normal rules need not apply.    

MJ kept trying to convince me to try volleyball but I was too chicken.  There were some good players and I know it's all in good fun but I didn't want to be that person that sucks.  Alex came around asking for Bocce Ball players.  I didn't know how to play that either but it's a lot less physical and since I wasn't doing anything but laying around I gave it a try.  It was pretty fun and I didn't even suck that bad. 

Lunch Appointment

After our appointment with Lunch MJ spotted an open beach bed so we got all of our stuff and moved over.  The beach bed is what happens when a hammock makes babies with a bed and it is truly wonderful.  If you push your foot against the rope it swings back and forth every so gently.  We spent the rest of our beach day in the beach bed until it was time to get ready for dinner.

I'm always struck by how hard everyone in the hospitality industry works.  The hours suck, it's hot, the work is very physical and yet everyone had an Hola and a smile for us.  The activity people literally work morning 'til night.  We saw them first thing on the beach playing  games then at night there they are again running around promoting their show and encouraging people to join in.  I know it's their job and all, but they did it well.  Between all the activities and shows I felt like they really cared about entertaining us and wanting us to have a good time. 

Can you just see us getting darker and darker with each passing day?  No sunburn, but we're STILL peeling two weeks later.

My beach body stud muffin.  It was really hot out there and so is HE!!!

Look at him go!!
It was back to the beach next day where we switched from the ocean to the pool.  MJ kept killing it in Volleyball.  They were always excited to see him show up.  By this time I had started calling two teenage girls "the volleyball girls" because they were really good-one of them is on their high school volleyball team and they showed up every to play every day.  I called the rest of their friends "the volleyball crew" because they always played too.

While he did that I did water aerobics.  I've always thought of it as something for old ladies but it's actually a pretty good work out.  My arms and legs were noodles by the time we were done!!  I can't swim but after many sessions with MJ over multiple vacations I finally learned how to swim on my back.  I could never do it before but something just clicked this time.  It seemed so easy that I wondered why I couldn't get it before.  I still can't sit and float on my back but I can kick my arms and legs and stay up.  Laying back in the water and looking up at the sky is so relaxing.  If you toss me into the deep end I will still die but it's nice to finally learn how to do something besides doggy paddle.

When the 2:00pm game rolled around he finally got me to try volleyball.  If I'd known they pick teams at the beginning I don't think I would have.  It felt like being in middle school all over again where you don't want to be picked last.  That was an awkward start, but I was not picked last.  Maybe they were hoping I was as good as my husband.  Sadly, that is not the case.  I did get the ball over the net on a volley but then I somehow managed to fall on my face. I haven't attempted the game of volleyball since what, high school?  Maybe even longer ago then that.  I don't know how to play.  I didn't even know if I could serve the ball so when it was my turn  I was just thinking please, please let me get this ball over the net so I don't look like a total idiot.  I took my best shot and it just barely skimmed the net which worked because the other team couldn't relay it and we got a point.  MJ couldn't stand to watch and not be playing so shortly after we switched sides he tagged himself into the game.  By this time I had already fallen down twice so I happily went off to the showers and then sat my butt down in a lounge chair and ordered a drink.

Victory is Mine
On our way to dinner we played checkers.  I've never played on a giant board before.  MJ underestimated my skill and I won.  I'm always ridiculously excited when I beat him at anything because it doesn't happen as much as I'd like.  I beat him at Scrabble on the plane ride there too. I was on a roll.

Day 5-6


Renae said...

Looks like y'all had a great time, and I have to say your beach body looks great!

After Eleven Blog said...

Im pretty sure I would wear as little as possible if I had a body like yours little lady!! I'm working on it. Gotta fix the damage!! lol

A Life Less Traveled said...

That looks like my kind of beach vacation.

Disa Chantel said...

You are so in shape that I swear I get fitter just by looking at these pictures. Looks like it was a great vacation!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

it looks like you guys had a great time! it reminds me so much of our Cabo vacay. The only thing we had planned was a swim with dolphins but other than that we did nothing! I kept asking Eric if he wanted to take a booze cruise, or go snorkeling bc he had never been to Cabo before, but he didn't want to, and I didn't want to, so we spent most of our time at the hotel and it was fabulous!

Carly Blogs Here said...

I'm a person who loves to just stay at the resort the entire time I'm on vacation and relax and enjoy the pool/beach and food & drinks, so this sounds like my kind of vacation! Plus, I'm loving that they have bocce that's one of the only sports (it is a sport, right?) I actually enjoy! The photos look completely stunning and you guys look great! You might have mentioned this but what resort did you guys stay at-- and would you recommend it overall?

Shannon Q. said...

How freaking fun!!

Law_Fal said...

Yall are such a cute & fit couple! Yall make me want to run straight to the gym!

Faith said...

Give me your abs! That is all :)

Discovery Street said...

yes! this is what vacay is to me...relaxing and eating. I'm not much into tours or excursions with groups...andy and I did a lot of exploring on our own when we traveled (which is much cheaper, and way more fun!)

Catherine Gacad said...

the pictures are so colorful. it looks unbelievable!

Pegster said...

When I read that you went to the beach I was thinking "on vacation?" well it totally shows that you guys take good care of your bodies. Keep up the good work, I am just drooling over your vacay pics over here

Whitney Cypert said...

You are so cute! And brave this trip! I love that you played volleyball and did water aerobics. You aren't kidding about those being a good workout, I did a class once in Mexico and didn't even finish because I was too tired! I have never heard of Bocce Ball.