Gone Biking

Anything and everything you do in Kauai is taken up a notch just because of the amazing view and even when you can't see the view everything is just better because you are there.  We spent our 4th day in Kauai biking. 

We rented bikes from Kapaa Beach Shop and it was just $15 per bike for the whole day.  We were able to park our car there which was helpful since parking is tight in this area and Kapaa Bike Path was right behind the building.  We started out going North and then doubled back to the end of the path to the South.  The path is a very even 8 mile stretch along the coast with a perfect ocean view the whole way.

We came across a little beach hut to rest.  There was an inviting beach below so we locked up the bikes to climb down there and take a look.  It was deserted.  Not a single person there but us and it was gorgeous.  The waves here were super powerful so I don't think it's very swimmer friendly (or non swimmer friendly) but man, oh man did I want to get in.  I wasn't wearing a bathing suit but it was so deserted and I was so hot that if the waters had been more friendly I would have considered going in my undies.

There was one mishap.  MJ took a left down a wide dirt path and us ladies followed.  He's a dirt biker.  We aren't.  It was easy enough for him to ride down that path and it looked easy enough too, but as soon as I started down I could see that it was steeper than it looked.  I followed first.  I let my feet off the brakes for one second and started to lose control so I turned around to call out behind me that you have to keep your feet on the brakes and before I finished getting it all out I heard yelling as my mom crashed to the ground.  I lost focus and took my foot off the brakes again and almost fell too.  I was going fast enough that breaking was going to make me crash, but slow enough to get my feet on the ground, fill my shoes with gravel and stop myself.   My mom was a real trooper.  She dusted herself off and kept going.  Within a few hours she had one of the biggest blackest bruises on her thigh that I've ever seen.

One of the things I loved most about Kauai is the lack of people.  This is our first time coming to Hawaii in the summer so I was worried that it would be crowded, but the bike path was mostly empty.  We only saw a few other bikers so for the most part we felt like we had the path to ourselves.  I kept wondering where are all the people? We stayed at The Point at Poipu and even there it seemed deserted.  There are cars on the roads and yeah, you see people out and about but it never felt like much and that was fine with us.  The island is the furthest North from the big Island and based on what we've experienced in Oahu and Maui, the most remote.

Then we came to the end of the path and I said, "Nooo, is that it?" I was physically exerted, but enjoying it so much I didn't want it to end.  I had no concept of time for most of the time we were there so I couldn't even tell you how long we spent on the path. 

We turned in our bikes and then stopped for food to take back to the hotel.  We found out the hard way that there isn't a whole lot to choose from nearby.  We passed a McDonald's on the way in from the airport but kept going because we figured there would be something closer, but no such luck.  The roads are remote, windy and there is not much around.  We ended up having to call in an expensive order for pick up to the one nearby restaurant.  The next day we stopped at the only grocery store in town to stock the kitchen.  Poipu is barely even a town because there just isn't much around and what's there is very spread out.  There is this one little row of shops and restaurants that I would say is the main "hub" and that's it.  We stopped and MJ found this weird little fish shop, but there was nothing on the menu for us.  We kept looking and found these two food trucks where we had the choice between Thai and Mexican.  We went with Thai.  I got chicken Pad Thai because that's the only Thai food I know to order and it was delicious.  I'm still amazed at the delicious foods that come out of those little trucks.

By this time we had been in Kauai for four days and had not yet gone to the beach which is insane.  Those turquoise waters were calling my name.  The next day would have to be a beach day.

Poipu Beach


Amanda @ MyLifeIGuess.com said...

This looks like such a fun way to explore nature!

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!

Faith said...

Your mom is such a trooper! Glad she did not hurt herself too badly. The views are gorgeous!!

I'm always amazed by food trucks too. I'm actually going to a food truck festival in a couple of weeks & can't wait!

Laura Darling said...

Wow these pictures are GORGEOUS! This sounds like an amazing day, aside from the crash! I'm glad everyone is okay! :)

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Wow, beautiful scenery and weather!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Everything looks so beautiful and peaceful! Love that everyone did the bike ride..how fun!

TOI said...

That shot of MJ's foot prints on the beach is a keeper, needs to be framed or sold as postcard. GORGEOUS!!!