Finally, a Wedding

I think it's important that couples be able to do their own thing.  I never wanted to be that girl who can't do anything without her man and I'm not, but whaaaaaa I missed MJ when I went away and I miss him since he's been away all weekend.  He does not miss me, in the same way that I miss him and I'm okay with that because I'm a little on the dramatic side and I know he loves me.

I traveled alone.  Again, with the drama but it's the first flight I've taken on my own since I met MJ in Barcelona all those years ago for our epic European vacation.  That was international, this was domestic.  Very domestic.  Only an hour and a half flight with no layover to San Jose.  I successfully navigated my way there and back.  I only follow him around like a lost puppy when we travel together because I know that I can.

There just aren't very many weddings in my life these days.  Everyone has moved onto baby showers and kid's birthday parties so this was the first wedding I've been to in far too long and I was really looking forward to it.  It has also been far too long since I've seen my little sister and it was really awesome to be able to meet up with my whole family (minus big sis). 

My cousin looked beautiful.  I honestly can't recall the last time I saw her.  It has to have been at least ten years ago.  Probably longer.  I saw aunts and uncles that I haven't seen since my wedding and others that I haven't in way longer than that.  It's so strange to be that person saying the last time I saw you--you were just a little toddler running around.  I remember how I used to roll my eyes a little at the shock and disbelief on their faces when adults used to say that to me and stand around acting like it's a miracle that I am no longer two feet tall.  Surely, they didn't expect me to be the same size all these years later?   Well, now I get it.  Time passes so fast.  You know that you are getting older, but it's jarring when you see the manifestation of that passage of time standing in front of you with a drink in their hand.  It's mind blowing.

The wedding was beautiful and very well done from the tasty buffet to the decorations.

I don't see my extended family very often so this wedding was a good excuse to find the time and the money to get on that plane and make it happen.  It was a short, but really sweet weekend.  Friday to Sunday went so fast.  We coordinated our arrival/departure times, stayed in hotel rooms a few doors apart and ate at Olive Garden once and Denny's twice.  Olive Garden because my little sister lives in San Francisco and the closest one is hard to get to on public transportation.  It was a good choice because I can go any time I want, but rarely do.  I almost forgot how much I love Lasagna Classico.  And Denny's because our hotel was near the airport and there really wasn't much of anything else around.  We went to two different locations but I ate the same thing both times.  Their french toast is the bomb.  Maybe I need to go back to dining in chain restaurants more often.  I already know MJ will not go along with it.
I was thinking that my next wedding would be my little sister's but now I'm not so sure.  Somewhere between the cake cutting, the bridal bouquet toss, and the groom's hunt for the garter belt she became overwhelmed.  We were chatting about it before we went to bed that night and she said, "There is so much to do.  I'm eloping."  Hopefully I can convince her that her wedding day will be one of the most magical days ever and that she must.  My wedding day was absolutely one of the best day's of my life and I wouldn't want her to miss out on that if that's what she really wants. 

As if you couldn't tell.  I really like weddings.


The Frugal Blogger said...

Traveling alone is a little lonely but at the same time it's pretty cool because of that feeling of independence. I'm glad you did it! LOL! Anyway, your family is so lovely, and congratulations to your cousin!


Faith said...

I haven't traveled alone on a plane in so long. Probably since I met Sean but I enjoyed doing it in the past.

I was so excited for my August wedding this year since I haven't been to one in so long and unfortunately could not make it because of circumstances ... the next wedding will most likely be my little sister and she is not rushing one bit in setting a date.

But seriously, in the last month I've seen so many people I haven't seen in years and it was so strange for people to say wow, how you've grown, haha.

Congrats to your cousin!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love a good wedding! Congrats to your cousin! And I like the color of your dress!

A Life Less Traveled said...

I haven't been to a wedding since my own almost 3 years ago. I have a recently engaged friend who is talking elopement because of all the stress and money involved in wedding planning.

Lasagna Classico is what I always ordered back when I lived near an Olive Garden.

jackie jade said...

we definitely go to less weddings lately too so it's always a fun time. looks like you had a great weekend!

Jessica said...

I love weddings. I think it is such a special moment to see couples begin their lives together.