I haven't done any confessions in a while....

I confess that we have a missing TV remote control that we've stopped looking for.  Luckily the remote from the extra room also works in the loft.  We have no dogs or kids to blame it on.  It's just gone.

I confess that I just bought a pair of tall black boots in the Fall and I'm probably going to end up getting rid of them.  I really, really hate wasting money, but they hurt and sometimes I even avoid wearing them. I am really careful when I buy shoes to make sure they don't hurt because I can't be bothered with uncomfortable shoes anymore.  There is something really weird about the shape of them that hurt my heels and the bottom of my feet and if insoles don't work they have got to go.

I confess that I cried during Katelyn and Tyler's wedding on Teen Mom OG.  I probably should have started this one out with just confessing that I watch a show called Teen Mom OG.  Ugh! But I'm addicted.  The wedding was gorgeous.  They are so cute together and I think it is amazing that they were high school sweethearts. got pregnant, gave that child up for adoption, had a second child and are still together.  Tyler's dad was out of prison. Their adopted out daughter and family were there,  three of the other Teen Mom girls were there, and it was all just so wonderful I couldn't help myself. Teen Mom 2 starts up soon.  I confess that I watch that one too.

I confess that I have no interest whatsoever in watching Fuller House.  I loved Full House, and I think it's so cool that they have reunited to revive the show.  From what I hear, I'm missing out, but I just don't want to watch it.  I'm really weird about committing to spend time on watching shows.  I watch Teen Mom, but won't want Fuller House....yeah.  Weird. 

I confess that I've been to Target twice and placed two online orders in the space of two weeks.  I'm a weird shopper.  I'm really indecisive, I agonize over deciding which size to get, and I always want the best deal.  So this is what happened.  I went to Target and purchased one item, and ordered two online that weren't in my size in store.  When the order arrived I realized that the striped version was sized differently than the solid versions.  I hate that!  I went to Target to return them and try on other cute things I saw online.  I wanted to try on for size, but then order online because there was a promo code for $15 off.  One skirt caught my eye that wasn't available on line so I purchased that in store and made a second online order for the rest.  Hopefully I will not need to return to Target for a while...but since they didn't have all the things in store for me to try on...I wouldn't bet on it. 

I confess that I am so tired I want to face plant into my keyboard and I've felt that way most of last week and every single day this week except for Tuesday.  I am very bad at sleeping.  Not that I don't try really hard to be good at it.  I'm usually in bed by 9 because I am so tired, but it either takes me a long time to fall asleep, I wake up before my alarm for no reason, or I can't get into that deep REM sleep that is necessary to feel rested the next day.  Sometimes it's a combination of all three, but I end up feeling like a zombie at work the next day.   So what was different about Monday nights sleep?  I wish I knew, but part of it could be that I had class until 9:55pm and it was a long day.  However, my level of exhaustion does not always make a difference.  Insomnia sucks.

I confess that I have been thinking about my cheat meal all week.  It's probably a sign that I haven't been getting enough carbs because I haven't craved a cheat meal like this in a long time.  I'm thinking a hamburger with fries will be just the thing.  It's going down tomorrow.


mmarinaa said...

Haha, aw, Teen Mom OG. Katelyn and Tyler are definitely the best of Teen Mom. I didn't watch it, but I'm glad to hear they're still going strong.

Jackie @ A Better Me said...

I will watch Teem Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 as long as MTV will put them on the air. It's one of those shows I can't escape.

Law_Fal said...

I binge watched Fuller House over the course of two days and it was sooo good to me. I heard mixed reviews though but I loved it. Never watched the other shows though. Daylight savings time definitely had me tired this morning. I am happy to see the sun after work though!

Shannon said...

It's something about reality TV that I just can't get into. One would think that actually watching something real would be more appealing, as opposed to watching fictional shows. I guess watching fictional shows is in some ways an escape from my reality, which is hectic.

I have actually been wanting to take a look at Fuller House, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Are you an insomniac? I tend to not fall asleep at night quickly, either. I often find myself taking ZZZQuil fairly early sometimes JUST so I can be at least sleepy by a designated time. The only thing is that I find the ZZZquil tends to keep me a bit drowsy for a small portion of the morning.

TOI said...

I'm currently into the Good Wife and I'm binge watching it but on pause for sometime now. I will look into Fuller House just because I'm into San Francisco :)

jackie jade said...

Yeah I haven't felt like watching Fuller House either. I loved the original show when I was a kid but I have no energy to watch this reboot. Eh.