Location, Location, Location

Saturday was very exciting because it was our first step on getting this wedding planned. I didn't really think that I would care too much about all of this. I mean, I never thought I would ever be able to have a wedding in the first place so it's not something I had previously put too much thought into. I am also not a picky bride. If anything I would refer to myself as a sensible bride on a budget and accordingly my main focus going into this was just to get this thing done and at or below budget.

Well, the budget bride part of me is still there and I will never be a bridezilla but I am finding that this is all so much fun and I am really enjoying it! I scoured the Internet for the last two weeks and came up with four potential locations that fit into our budget. I knew it was going to be raining all day Saturday which kind of sucked but rain or shine I knew this was something we were going to get taken care of. I hate rain but even that couldn't quell my excitement as we hit the very wet road at 9:30am.

Our first stop was Zosa. They offer all inclusive wedding packages that fit very nicely into our budget. It's a bed and breakfast with lots of green grass and trees all around it. The ceremony site is a gorgeous gazebo like structure with a water fountain in front of it and a bridge leading over it. There is a nice poolside area for cocktail hour and the reception room itself is pretty nice too. As I drove up to it and saw Zosa written on the wrought iron gate my first thought was how cute this place is. It is so quaint and homey. We did like the location but are having second thoughts because it is about 1 hour away from where we live and the rooms are very expensive. This would make things kind of complicated for our out of town guests.

Next stop. Walmart, just because we had a little bit of time between appointments then off to MVR. This one is the next most affordable location. They have very flexible bar/beverage options and low pricing on the per person plate fee. There is a nice white gazebo for the ceremony and an upstairs room for the reception. I wasn't that crazy about the maroon drapes or the maroon chairs so I'd definitely have to get chair covers which would really make the room pop and they do provide nice floral center pieces which no other locations does.

We stopped to eat at a mall overloaded with traffic and people reminding me that I have not done ANY Christmas shopping and then off to the 3rd location. The H Hotel apparently is undergoing renovation so the coordinator showed us around with carpet and drape swatches in hand so we can see what the rooms are going to look like. The rooms were stripped down to concrete floors and walls but I think it's going to be very nice. There is a beautiful outdoor ceremony location with lots of green lush grass and the reception rooms have lovely floor to ceiling windows with a nice view of the garden area where the ceremony is set up. This is the most expensive so far, but Mj really likes this one and so I am going to play around with the packages offered and see if I can make it work.

The last location was a restaurant. It was more of a quick see just to find out what the set up is and if we can make it work. It didn't bowl us over. There was a nice view of the racetrack and we would have to bring in tables and chairs. The entire event would be outdoors.

I was really hoping Zosa would totally win us over to the point that the out of the way location and expensive room prices would not matter so much because their all inclusive package (including unlimited alcohol for 4 hours) gave us a lot of bang for our buck. We like the package that only has us have to arrange the photographer, flowers and cake. The MVR resort is nice enough and more affordably priced but The Handlery is a bit more scenic and the fact that it is just that much nicer makes it a bit more appealing. There are some very scenic military base options near the ocean with affordable catering that I am going to look into this week and hopefully we will be able to make the decision by next week.

We didn't get home until about 4:30 pm. It was a long, wet, but very exciting day. Mj was a trouper.

I've been doing all of this wedding stuff but I really need to get on the whole Christmas bandwagon because that is....OMG NEXT WEEK!!!

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