Christmas Break

My Christmas break started out with a bang. Instead of spending the first day of it sleeping in Mj and I were up at 7 am to go to Home Depot. You see, I accidentally flushed something quite large down the toilet. It fell from the overhead cabinet just as I was flushing and I was just like....oh CRAP! I went to the bathroom that morning at Home Depot where we picked up supplies and tools so that he could take the whole toilet apart and get the darn thing out. He is so handy. Thank goodness he was here. He hadn't done it before but watched a video on You Tube and handled the whole thing like a pro. I felt so bad.

I had a wonderful Christmas and am just thrilled to be on Christmas break. I feel so free! We spent Christmas Eve at mom's house and spent the night. I didn't really want to spend the night at first but I am so glad that we did. It was fun and I love my family. I love this time of year. My little sis was in town from school. Mom, Mj, little sis and I went to the movies to see Brother's. Good movie. Mom made a simple dinner of lasagna, salad and bread for dinner and it was delicious. We had some family and friends over. Mj and I spent the night on the tiny twin day bed that I begged my parents for when I was in middle school and woke up Christmas day to my Dad making breakfast which is pretty much the only meal he will cook. Then we all opened gifts. It was such a relaxing day. So relaxing that we all spent the whole day in our pajamas! We just hung around talking and doing a whole lot of nothing. I love it that Mj is comfortable just hanging out with my family also. He fits right in. It was a really nice day. We left around 5pm because we needed to get home to pack.

At my job break begins the day before Christmas Eve and we don't have to go back until January 4th. Definitely one of the perks of the job. It's so nice to have this time off. It is giving me the chance to travel to meet Mj's family and save my vacation days which I have been holding onto as much as possible so I will have enough for our wedding and honey moon.

We are in Delaware right now. We got here yesterday and will be heading back home just in time to spend New Year's Eve at home. Hopefully the visit with his family goes well. They all live far away but of course I want them to like me.

More about the trip later.

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Silly Girl said...

I'm glad you are having a nice holiday break.