Heidi's Plastic Surgery Media Circus

There is something wrong with Heidi Montag. Or should I say Heidi Pratt? I feel sorry for her that she felt the need to go through all of this to feel Ok. I really think she is oblivious to how bizarre it is for a 23 year old to have had thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery including liposuction on a body that was never even close to being overweight or large. 10 Surgeries in one day!!!

Everyone has issues including myself. Admitting that you have issues does not necessarily justify or excuse your problematic behavior but it at least means that you have some sort of awareness about yourself. Heidi on the other hand is clueless. She says that she is "beyond obsessed" but then goes on to say that she will have more when the time comes. There are always little things that need fixing. Does she not see the problem with that? She says that she is a Christian but she poses in Playboy. She says that God only cares about what's on the inside but then she spends obscene amounts of money changing her outside appearance. She justifies these surgeries by saying that it's necessary because she is trying to be a Pop star but SHE CAN'T SING!! I am still amazed that she feels her triple D's are still not large enough for her. She's whittled her body down so much that I'm surprised she doesn't topple over when she struts along in her little high heeled shoes.

I haven't watched The Hills in a while but I have heard little tid bits about her baby obsession. If she gains any weight during pregnancy I know she'll fix that with more plastic surgery but has she thought about what she is going to say to her child when he/she wonders why she looks so different in pictures pre 2006? Is she going to say, "Oh, I had my dumbo ears fixed but there is nothing wrong with yours. You are fine." Is this child going to feel the need go to a plastic surgeon too to fix any similar perceived genetic imperfections that she had changed on herself?

She says that she wants to talk about it and be honest about what she's done unlike so many celebrities who hide it from public view but I think she really just wants the attention. Not just wants it but NEEDS it and will likely do or talk about anything to get it. Her media blitz regarding the plastic surgery started with People magazine and continues here in an interview with Access Hollywood. Her nose is so incredibly tiny and pert-almost freakishly so. Modern medicine certainly is incredible indeed.

I can only imagine the pressure that those in the public eye must feel to be "perfect." It's got to be very difficult but my goodness could she have at least waited until she hit her 30's to take such drastic measures? She even had her eyebrows arched. I hate to see her in her fifties. When people have gone too far you can tell and it really starts to look freakish especially as they get older.

Unless she had plastic surgery on her vocal cords I don't think this is going to do too much to help her career as a singer. It will keep her in the public eye for a while and when the interest dies down she'll come up with something else to stay in the spot light and keep her "Star status" no matter how tenuous.  I wish for anyone that has a dream to be able to go after and hopefully achieve it. I don't think she can sing at all but I certainly can't blame her for giving it her best shot and going after what she wants to do.

Her and Spencer seem to be really good at keeping people talking. Like it or not reality TV has made her a Reality TV Star and her plan to stay there seems to be working. At least for now.

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