Let Her Eat Cake

Having a baby is no joke.  You first must host this child inside your body for 9 months and watch your stomach get bigger then you ever thought possible.  Your body goes through all kinds of changes, hormonal and everything else in between, and then you have to either push it out or have it surgically removed.  The miracle of life is beautiful and all but still-I shudder at the thought.  My poor big sis went through a lot to bring her little man into this world.  She had a hard time getting pregnant in the first place, had a miscarriage, then had fibroids removed to try getting pregnant again.  Once she did get pregnant again those fibroids grew right back with a vengeance causing her painful early contractions.  Then on top of that-gestational diabetes.  Not just the kind that requires diet modification.  She had to actually do daily insulin injections.  She LOVES to eat and HATES needles so this was very hard for her.   But she did it so she could have her healthy baby boy.

The Pastry Chef goes to work

Mj volunteered to make her a sweet sugar filled cake after she had the baby.  He doesn't make the kind that comes out of the box.  He makes the whole darn thing from scratch including the frosting.  The last one he made in June was one of the best cakes I've ever had.  He is very serious about his cakes.  He does research to come up with just the right recipe and he wants it to be just right.  Big sis requested double chocolate so he spent Friday evening making it so we could bring it to her on Saturday.  It turned out just lovely!

Double Chocolate Cake 100% from scratch
We drove to mom's house where big sis is staying on Saturday afternoon.  We all oohed and ahhed over this cake and my mom went out to get ice cream and milk to go with it.  The three of us went to a late lunch and when we got back it was CAKE time and this cake did not disappoint.  The bad news is that she might still have diabetes even though it is supposed to go away after mom delivers.  She is waiting on her test results right now.  The good news is this little guy gets cuter by the day.  We do plenty of oohing and aahing over him too.

He is so sweet!  Four weeks old.
DJ hates his pacifier.  He eats and then his eyes get all droopy as he falls asleep.  His yawns are so big and he makes the most adorable funny faces.  Even Mj finally broke down and wanted to hold him.  As cute as he is he is a lot of work but big sis is embracing her new role as a stay at home mom and I know she will be a good one.
New mom and baby.  Two weeks after C section.
As for that cake.  As good as it was I'm glad it's not in our house because I already know I would eat way too much of it.  I already have my birthday cake request in for April and have already decided that I don't care how much of that one I eat.


Lil' Woman said...

That cake looks delish...can MJ send me one?!? Pretty please, with homemade frosting on top? lol

Congrats to your sister, she brought a beautiful little boy into this world.

jacin said...

look at that cake!!!!!! so horrible of you to tempt me right now :)

Faith said...

that cake is amazing! i was so proud of myself for making cupcakes and brownies this wknd ... but they were from the box so i don't feel so cool right now, lol.

your nephew is so adorable!

aapuzzanchera said...

cake looks yummy! Congrats to your sister. What a darling baby!!!

Frugalista said...

Faith-don't feel bad about your not from scratch cupcakes. I realize that my hubby is not normal in his desire to make cakes from scratch!!!

Anonymous said...

He is SO cute! Mj is too ;)

I don't think my MJ would even know what to do with the icing LOL!

Tova said...

AAAHH cute baby! Sooo cute!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Can we talk about how amazing that cake looks?! You could be the next Ace of Cakes...very impressive, girl!

Your new little nephew is adorable! His little face, that head of hair, SOOOO precious : )

Dancy said...

Dang... AND he bakes???? LOL

Frugalista said...

Dancy-I know how did I get so lucky? Cooks, bakes and I am no good at either really.