One Lovely Blog Award

They like me, They really like me
Faith over at Life, Love & Marriage was kind enough to recognize me with a blog award that I could pass on to other blogs  that I enjoy.  This blog award is awesome.  It has no strings attached.  You don't have to answer a list of questions, make up knew questions to ask or confess a single one of your deepest darkest secrets.  Well, it did say that you were supposed to post a comment on everyone who you award it to but I just know that all my blogger buddies read my blog faithfully every single day of their life so the very minute this blog post pops up in their reader their gonna check it out anyways.  Right?  Just kidding. 

Thanks again Faith! She been married for almost a year and has a really fun blog where she writes about all the weddings she's been going to this year and the goings on of married life and home decorating.  Check her out if you haven't.   I also want to take a moment to say thanks to anyone and everyone who reads or comments on my blog.  I used to blog on My Space when nobody else was and I didn't even know that what I was doing was called blogging.  Needless to say, it was a very lonely space so it's been great to have this creative outlet where I can share my writing and my life and read about so many others.  I love reading all the blogs on my blog list and some of you I've recognized before pretty recently so the ones I'm passing this award onto are really just to name a few.  You have been recognized by little old me and please feel free to pass it onto however many blogs you want to.

One Lovely Blog Award Recipients:

Adorably Distracted
Bronzed Beauty
Dancy Days
Discovery Street
On A Tangent
Random Musings of My Life

Have a great Columbus day weekend everyone.  Which for me is like any other seeing as how we don't get Monday off.  In fact, I didn't even realize it was coming up at all but now that I do I will try to take advantage of some sales.  As if I haven't done enough shopping already!  I was wearing boots and long sleeves FINALLY this week but overnight it's supposed to climb into the 80's for the weekend.  So, it'll be a warm weekend in flip flip flops running errands, cleaning house and relaxing.


Ameena said...

I love blogging too and only wish I'd started earlier. You were a pioneer over on MySpace! I never got into MySpace actually - I just skipped right over that part unfortunately.

You are a great blogger though - I love coming over here to see what you are up to.

Have a great weekend! It supposed to be in the mid-80's. I can't believe it after the rain we had this past week.

Steph said...

Congrats on the award! I love the ones with no strings attached.

Adorably Distracted... said...

Awww thank you love! P.S. I had no idea why I never saw your posts in my reader and then it turned out I hadn't been following you and I never even know! BUT, problem fixed!! I'm now a follower... after months and months. :)

ruthy ann said...

thank you for the bloggy love!

Smiling is Good for your Teeth said...

what a stunning bride!!

Lil' Woman said...

Congrats on your award! :)