Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party & Family Shots

[July 10, 2010]  We walked down the aisle as husband and wife and right into a little private room stocked with champagne, cheese and crackers.  The cocktail hour came to us so I wasn't as upset about having to use this time for pics.  I wanted my cheese and crackers too!  We had about 10 minutes to ourselves to laugh, kiss, drink champagne, munch on cheese n crackers and revel in the huge moment that just took place.  Eb came in and brought me a mirror and some lipstick so I could touch up my make up and it was time to head out for group shots.

The only thing missing was the red carpet!
 We started out with family shots and then moved into bridal party shots.  Isn't it funny how the photog wanted solo shots of  the bride but not the groom? Yes it's a shared wedding but as the bride I kinda get to be the star of the show.  And why not?  The groom is handsome in his tux and all but it can't compare to that cascading pretty white dress. 

Me and my family
Mj and family
This part was really fun.  Everyone was talking, laughing and getting their drinks.  The sun had come out, I was just starting to get a little tipsy and I could hear the cocktail CD with our favorite songs playing over the sound system. 
Handsome Groomsmen

Lovely Bridesmaids
Time continued to march on quicker then I ever thought possible and before I knew it our guests were being ushered inside for the reception.  We lingered a bit before heading to the double doors leading inside our ballroom and all lined up for our grand entrance.  I was so anxious to get inside and see everything and everyone.

The Reception........


Ameena said...

You have the most gorgeous and perfect smile! Seriously, you should be a toothpaste model.

No doubt about it, the bride is always the star.

Faith said...

you are so gorgeous! i agree with Ameena, the bride is always the star! LOL.

Adorably Distracted... said...

I love the flowers! Everything looks perfect!

Steph said...

If there was an award for most beautiful bride and bridesmaids, you'd have my vote.

ruthy ann said...

you look oscar worthy!!

Frugalista said...

that's my theory as to why the whole bridezilla thing happens. some people just can't handle stardom! : )

Thanks guys!!

sophia said...

Holy shit. You are freaking gorgeous. No wonder you wanted to be a model. You still have that impressive stature to you! Plus, those arms. Amazing arms!

Oh, and congrats! :D

Lil' Woman said...

Gorgeous pics!!