It's Christmas Eve

I was reading People or Us magazine the other day, I can't remember which, but there was an article asking celebrities what was on their wish list for Christmas.  I thought it was sort of funny in a way.  Everyone has wishes and/or wants but rich celebrities for the most part don't really have to want for anything.  They can just buy it.  Of course it's nice to receive a gift from someone special but it's also nice that if you don't get what you want you can go out and get it yourself no wishing required.  It also must be nice to have the money to fulfill those wishes for friends and family too.

I myself didn't have a wish list.  I hardly ever do.  I usually don't know what I want and I also feel strange telling someone what they can buy me.  This year our family kept it simple and budget friendly by doing a Secret Santa gift exchange.  We set a $50 limit and wrote down three things we wanted.  I got a flat tire on Monday AND just discovered last week that I am going to have to evict my tenant.  I won't be getting a rent check this month so I've had to re work my budget to include an extra mortgage.  Needless to say, there isn't much room in the budget left for any shopping so it's a good thing we are doing it this way.  I got Mj's gift online and did the rest at one store in about 30 minutes.  Aside from Mj and the family gift the only other person I shopped for is my baby nephew.  I like it that Christmas is simple.  I'm not running around like crazy trying to buy something for everybody I know or spending lots of money.  Christmas itself should never get lost in hustle and bustle, stress, or overspending.

Wednesday was my first day of Christmas break and I did absolutely nothing.  It was raining and even the fact that I needed to get my flat tire taken care of couldn't get me out of the house.  Luckily, Thursday the rain stopped. The sun finally came out and so did I.  I did my errands, a speed round of Christmas shopping, and spent $132 for a new tire.   This morning I went to the gym which is practically a miracle and then my mom came down to visit.  We went to see Black Swan which I've been dying to see.  I love Natalie Portman and Ballet so I could not wait for DVD on this one.  It was so, so good and it was a nice little outing for my mom and I.  The chef otherwise known as my husband already made five Applesauce cakes for work and to send to out of state family and he's at it again.  He made sweet potato pie yesterday and another Applesauce cake today for Christmas.  Every time I turn around he's either in the kitchen baking, washing dishes or running out to the store again for more flour, sugar and eggs.  Unfortunately, he left today's cake in too long and he's actually making another one!  Back to the store.  Oh, and he still has homemade bread to make.  You will never catch me in the kitchen doing all that baking.  I just don't have it in me.  I made dinner last night and that was plenty!

We finally got some presents under our pretty tree.  Tonight we are relaxing at home, well once Mj gets out of the kitchen that is-and then Christmas day at mom's house tomorrow.   Looking forward to it.  Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!


ruthy ann said...

you got to the gym? that is impressive!

merry Christmas!

Kristin - Mrs. Glasses said...

A husband who can bake?!? That's awesome! We don't have many to buy for, I baked for all my girlfriends and we've got a $30 spending limit for my husband and I since we both aren't working. I don't really want stuff anyway just health and happiness for everyone! Sorry to hear about your tenant, it is a rough time right now :( Have a very merry Christmas!

aapuzzanchera said...

merry christmas to you and your family as well. I understand what you are saying about celebrities. That cracks me up. They have enough money to buy whatever they want, I have no comprehension as to why they would need a list.

Ameena said...

I'm so sorry about your tenant and flat tire! If it's any consolation, I had to replace a tire and it was almost double that - stupid L.A. people rip me off every time! And I'm too dumb to realize it I guess.

Merry Christmas to you and your hubby...I hope you had a great one today. And maybe, just maybe, your husband can give mine a few cooking tips. Like for starters, how to turn the stove on? :)

Natalie said...

I hope you and your hubby had a wonderful Christmas!

Lil' Woman said...

Merry Christmas!! :)