Razor VS i Phone

There is no point to even pretend that even on some alternate universe there is any comparison between the i phone and the Razor.  There are only a handful of phones that can stack up to the i phone and needless to say the Razor is not one of them.  Even for it's time it is just a poorly functioning phone and I cannot believe that there were people were going crazy wanting to get their hands on one, my big sister included!  Suffice it to say that I could have gotten any phone and it would have been a huge step up.  Getting the i phone was leaps and bounds.

Old and busted razor

Do you know that I couldn't even get through a 30 minute phone conversation sometimes without the battery dying?  If I cut out suddenly everyone just knew that my phone had crapped out.  Texting was the biggest pain in my butt and if I missed a call it wouldn't even tell me what time the call came in.  I had to create a new contact for each number even if those numbers all belonged to one person.  The only thing it had going for it was that it was Pink.  That Razor frustrated me to no end during the year that I was unfortunate enough to be stuck with it so in order to fully expel all of that frustration I decided to smash it.  Literally.  I threw it on the ground first just for kicks but then I took a hammer to it and smashed it up.  It's so much fun destroying things.  A shame we don't have the opportunity to do it more often.  It's a real stress and tension buster.  So, since there is no comparison between the old phone and the new I'm just going to say all the things I love about my new i phone. 

My new phone!!

  1. Calendar.  I love being organized so having access to a calendar on my phone is great.  I use the i calendar for Mj's schedule and imported my google calendar for mine.  I can view them separate or together with the touch of a button and our lives are all right there at my fingertips.  When you add in birthdays to your contacts they automatically go on the Birthday calendar. 
  2. Notes.  I love making to do lists and shopping lists.  I also keep track of movies that are going to be coming out in Theaters so I can add them to my blockbuster Queue.  No longer must I carry around scraps of paper to try to keep up with and have to search for a pen.  I can quickly e mail grocery lists to Mj or vice versa.  I can make lists to my hearts content.  Clothes I want to buy.  TV shows I'm going to watch.  Whatever.  It's all right there. 
  3. Apps.  Just three months ago I still didn't fully understand what an app was.  "There's an app for that." Blah, blah, blah.  I got tired of hearing about it 'cause I sure couldn't get any on the Razor.  Now, I heart apps more than anyone.  There really is one for almost everything you use and do on the Internet.  This perfectly condensed program that allows you to do most major functions without having to actually go to the URL.  Tracking calories on Lose it is fun.  I have USAA, Blockbuster, Discover Card, Fandango for movies, Jenny Craig dining Guide, All Recipes....and on and on.  So convenient.
  4. Camera.  I don't have to worry about ALWAYS having my digital camera on hand.  Sometimes I don't necessarily plan to take any pics but then find that I'd want to for some reason and be annoyed that I couldn't.  The quality of the i phone is almost as good as my digital camera so I don't really worry about that so much.  It has a flash.  I can zoom in, color correct and e mail it to myself for posting so easily.  The video camera is fun and Face time is pretty cool.  Love, love, love!!
  5. Data Plan.  I always said that I absolutely don't need the Internet on my phone.  And really, I don't.  But it sure is nice to have.  I have GPS in my car but I also have my maps on my phone.  I know I can get anywhere I need to without having to print out map quest directions before I leave the house.  If I need to look something up real fast on the fly I can.  The i phone Internet is almost as fast as my mac book.
  6. Functionality.  The call quality is good.  The battery life is excellent.  This phone charges up really fast.  It is so user friendly because any button you need is right there on the screen for you to touch.  I love having my alarm on my phone pre set for weekdays so I don't have to worry about forgetting to set it then turn it off on the weekends. 
If it's possible to be in love with a phone well I have to say that I am.  No, all of those gizmos on my phone are not necessary.  I never had 'em before and I sure don't NEED 'em now.  There are a lot of unnecessary things we have that make life just that little bit easier.  Simple things even.  Like having a garage or a water spout in my refrigerator.  My biggest worry about getting this phone was letting go of my $41 T Mobile cell phone bill.  I held out for so long just to keep it and I am glad that I did.  For a while I just felt having all those "extras" on my phone was too much.  I don't need to jump into the latest thing right away.  I didn't get a DVD player until years after everyone else did and I got a smart phone on my own time too.  Well, it was a Christmas gift from Mj, but after much coaxing he knew I was finally ready.  I'm glad I held out but I'm also glad I finally took that leap and upgraded.  I am only paying about $10 more on a combined plan.  It's not that much more and it's worth it.  Life is hard sometimes and I work hard.  There are a lot of things that would make life easier that I simply can't afford.  Turns out that this i phone isn't one of them so I might as well have it.


Kristin - Mrs. Glasses said...

I am addicted to my iPhone too. I used to have a Razor back in the day but I wonder how I ever lived without my iPhone. I am addicted to texting, Facebook, and now Twitter. I am so attached to it I was paying attention only to it and fell down a flight of stairs! Doh! So there are definitely cons to the iPhone :)

Lil' Woman said...

Congrats on the new phone! :)

Adorably Distracted... said...

i recently downgraded to a flip phone from my iphone to try and save money... I was doing ok but now I'm just missing the iphone :(

jacin {lovely little details} said...

do you have verizon? can't wait to get the iPhone!

Ameena said...

I used to have a Razor and I really loved it! It does have one thing the iPhone doesn't have - it's so much thinner and lighter.

I do love my iPhone enough to put up with the weight though!

Random Musings said...

You are so funny! I can not WAIT till I am in love with a phone.
Ours are so ancient that I am pretty sure Tmobile is going to call us soon and tell us they are obsolete.
But I am frugal and we waited for the free upgrade 3 YEARS!!
So this weekend I will hopefully post a simular story!

Faith said...

i haven't been in love with a phone ever ... Sean is currently in love with his phone and i don't get it ... maybe it's because i refuse to get a smart phone ... haha.

glad that you got rid of that crappy razor! congrats on the new and incredible phone!

Tiffany said...

I'm one of those people who usually hates getting what everyone else has. But I must admit that when it's time to upgrade my phone (I think in July), I just might go for the iPhone, only because Verizon has it now :)