Tools of the trade
I do the cleaning in our house because unfortunately, it won't clean itself.  I figure since there are already a million other things that I have to nag remind Mj about that neither one of us needs the aggravation of me asking him for the 3rd time when he's going to clean the toilet or vacuum.  I do it myself and it gets done.  He is responsible for trash day, picking up after himself, and keeping his desk and one of the extra rooms he uses tidy.  That seems to be plenty for him to keep up with.  He cooks way more then I ever will do and either one of us starts the laundry when the hamper lid won't close or he runs out of undershirts; whichever comes first.  The kitchen counters, dishes, stove etc are done throughout the week on an as needed basis by both of us, or just me if I get too annoyed with his habit of letting them pile up and sit.  Can you guess which one of us is the "neat one"? 

When I lived in my studio it took me about an hour tops to clean the entire place from top to bottom.  It was easy and didn't take up too much of my time so I didn't mind it all that much.  Since moving into our house it takes so long that I find myself dreading it more and more.  It's like the gym.  Once I get started I'm usually ok, it can be soothing and satisfying and I like the finished results but finding the motivation to get going is tough sometimes.  Cleaning is usually a Saturday morning affair so I can get it out of the way and have the rest of my weekend to relax and have fun.  If I didn't get to the laundry that's no big deal to leave for Sunday, as long as the cleaning is done.  I like everything to be clean at the same time AND I'd rather not be cleaning something every day so I do it all at once every other weekend.  Unless I'm feeling really lazy and/or busy in which case I might put it off one extra week.  Because it takes me so long I decided to track exactly what I was doing and how long I was doing it to figure out if I could trim down the time.  We have 3 bedrooms,  2.5 bathrooms and two living spaces.  These are examples of three different torture cleaning "sessions" and how long it took me.  

54 minutes:  Dusting blinds and all surfaces 
25 minutes:  Vacuum carpets/Floors
50 minutes:  Clean Bathrooms
35 minutes:  Swiffer all floors
2 hours 44 Minutes

1 hr 10 min: Dusting all surfaces, blinds and window sills
45 min: Vacuum carpets and floors
46 min: Clean Bathrooms
6 min: Trash
2 hrs 46 min

43 min:  Dust all surfaces
33 min:  Vacuum carpets and floors
45 min:  Clean bathrooms
5 min:  Trash
2 hr 6 min

The 1/2 bath and the extra full bathroom don't get much use so those are pretty quick.  I did find that I was wiping down mirrors that didn't need to be wiped and vacuuming and mopping carpets and floors that hardly get used so I have cut back on that.  I dust behind the DVD/Satellite box/Playstation/Xbox hub and other surfaces that aren't quite dusty but it seems to pop up overnight so I think it's just better to stay on top of it.  We don't wear shoes inside so I don't think it necessary to mop every single time.  I also don't do the blinds, window sills and baseboards every time either. 

I woke up to my neighbor blasting Barry Manilow on Saturday morning.  Should I be embarrassed to admit that I really liked a lot of the songs?  Somehow music makes doing anything more tolerable so I got out of bed, blasted some i tunes of my own and started in with the dusting.  2 hours and 6 minutes later I'm finished and I'd hate to see how much longer it would take me if we had a bigger house.  I take pride in keeping a clean and neat house and like it that if someone drops by unexpectedly I won't be embarrassed by the condition of my home.  I really enjoy the finished results of all of my hard work....that is until the Mj storm rolls through and leaves his trail of destruction.  It's actually kind of a work out too.  Either that or I'm totally out of shape because my body usually feels fatigued by the time I'm done.  The good news is that I have the entire three day weekend ahead to have fun without having to even think about cleaning.  The bad news is that next weekend or the weekend after depending on how lazy busy I am I get to do it all over again.  I noticed that our neighbor behind us (the one who likes Barry Manilow) has a maid and sometimes I really wish we did too.  Maybe someday that would be possible, especially if we ever got a bigger house, but for now I'm it.

How do you divide household chores in your house?  How long does it take you to clean or are you lucky enough to have a cleaning service?  What is your typical cleaning schedule?


Lil' Woman said...

I usually wait till Sunday and then go crazy cleaning :)

Cleaners London said...

Wow, you are a good housewife. You spend a lot of time cleaning. Most women spare not more than an hour for cleaning. Keep on with the good work.


Natalie said...

I do all the cleaning in our home. My hubby is responsible for taking out the trash bin weekly and all the yard work. I usually clean once a week and do a deeper clean once a month. Since I have a dog I vacuum every few days (if I am not feeling lazy!). I don't have a particular day that I clean but since I stay at home I am lucky enough to not have to dedicate weekends to it!

Steph said...

The way we divide things is like yours. Matt takes out the trash, is responsible for the spare bedroom he uses, and he cleans his bathroom. He also does the dishes most of the time.

I usually keep a list going of this I need to do and try to at least do one thing a night. That way it doesn't all seem to pile up on me.

Ameena said...

I have a cleaning lady who comes once a week and frankly? It's the best money I spend all week! I told my husband that I'd rather not eat out once or twice and have a spotless house and he didn't dare disagree. :)

Leslie said...

I kind of divide things up like you do! That's probably how we'll do it once we move in together too. Even though my apartment is tiny, I still wish I had a little cleaning fairy to magically clean it up while I'm at work- ha!

This is Leslie at A Blonde Ambition- for some reason it won't log me in!

Faith said...

oh boy .. now that summer is here, Sean is the outside man ... so i end up being the inside girl which means i do all the cleaning inside ... he helps with the little things like the dishes and picking up after himself but when it gets to the major cleaning i am it lately ... can't wait for Winter, lol.

i was cleaning the whole house in one day but it would take me forever so i just started doing rooms based on the day ... by the end of the week the whole house is completely cleaned and i don't have to worry about it on the wknd ... has been working so far! :0)

Dancy said...

I'm a big weekend cleaner too. I'm with you on the whole no everyday cleaning thing too. I usually make myself stick to 1 room at a time (so I don't take cups from the LR to the kitch sink & then end up doing dishes, only to go back to the LR) - and I learned from a maid service flier to go clockwise through the room so you don't miss anything. Cool.

Tiffany said...

I've been meaning to do a post about household chores. It sounds like Mj does take at least some responsibility around the house. I know nothing about that. You are a lucky woman!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Ooh I was gonna do this post! Hubby does the laundry, I fold because he doesnt fold. I do most of the cooking. He takes out garbage. I do bathroom. He vacuums! Since we are in a studio still it doesn't take that long. One reason Im dreading living in a house...all that space to clean:-(

Carla said...

Well, since it's just me and my townhouse is HUGE, I'm responsible for getting all of the cleaning done. I usually just try to keep everything tidy during the week since I'm so incredibly busy, but when I'm off, I'll get to what I can't. My kids are still toddlers so I can't make them do too much yet. =)