20 + 10 Birthday Party

All dressed up and ready to go
Me and the beautiful Birthday Girl
Another good friend of mine entered the 30 something club.  Her Birthday is actually Thanksgiving Day but she had her party on Saturday night.  Instead of going out she invited all her friends to her parents house and we all celebrated with her.  Months ago Mj planned to attend a college football game with his friends.  Then, I find out that this party is on the same night.  Oh no!!  He made a half hearted attempt to keep his original plans but when it came down to it he knew how sad his wife would be if she had to go without her main squeeze so those plans basically fell apart and I got to have him for my date.  It was a really fun party.  There were plenty of alcoholic beverages to choose from, good music, good food and a delicious Red Velvet cake.  She hired a guy to make street tacos and they were to die for.  Let's just say I ate way too many to mention here without total embarrassment and shame.

Me and Mj
You can either be sad about turning 30 or you can get over it and just celebrate and that's what she did.   Which got me wondering what I did for my 30th and I actually can't really remember.  I don't think I did much of anything at all and I vaguely remember being kind of bummed out.  Hind sight is 20/20.  If I knew then what I know now then I wouldn't have been sad about the Big 3-0 at all.  My 20's kinda sucked and the 30's have been way better then I ever expected.  Like me, Bianca has spent her 20's dealing with some relationship challenges and I hope she finds her Mr. Right in her 30's like I did.


Nylse said...

you look nice!
and is it your birthday? Happy birthday when it comes again.
It does got better - wait until you reach the fabulous 40s

Faith said...

i agree! hope hubby throws me a surprise 30th party and i don't even like surprises ;). i am going to embrace my 30s with wide open arms. i already know that it will be amazing! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww that looks like an awesome bday!! You are too hot lady!!

Legally Chocolat said...

looks like it was a good time!

Dancy said...

Great dress. Looks like a fun party! :)

Lil' Woman said...

You girls look fab!!
Happy Belated Birthday to your friend.