Friday Randoms

  • On the way to work one day I saw a guy brushing his teeth in his car.  I was really curious about where he would spit so I kept checking him out in my rear view.  He opened the door, spit in the street, checked his teeth in the mirror and then did a little bit more brushing.  I also saw a girl putting on make up in her car.  I put on my juicy tube lip gloss every day in the car on my way to work and I've done a few touch ups in the past but she did the whole nine yards.  Sitting there in traffic on the freeway I watched her put on foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and then whip out a brush and start brushing her hair.  Very entertaining.
  • I saw a guy at the gym wearing flip flops.  I've never been able to figure that one out.  What kind of work out are you planning to do in flip flops?  And if you drop a weight on your foot you are in big trouble.  I think it should be a rule that you can't wear flip flops...or a tweed suit.  Yep.  I saw a guy in a tweed suit on the exercise bike.  He even had a hat on.  You know those cool ones with the brim?  And while I'm at it why would anyone want to work out in denim?
  • I've been getting unsolicited junk mail at work.  That's weird in and of itself because I don't use this address for anything but even weirder is that it's from Camel.  The cigarettes.  I love coupons and if I smoked these would be awesome but considering I've never even thought about smoking, getting them at work is just annoying and offensive.
  • Have you seen the new Splenda Essentials adds?  It's Splenda with added Vitamin B, Anti-Oxidants and Fiber.  I use Splenda and plenty of it because I need flavor in my coffee and am not willing to take in the calories of "real" sugar even though I have read all kinds of warnings that it could be hazardous to my health.  I'll gladly take the Vitamins, it just strikes me as strange to put Vitamins in a food product that has no nutritional value and could actually hurt your health.  It's like putting Calcium in Donuts. Hey, I wish they would!!  Then, I could feel better about eating them.
  •  We had five people over to our house to hang out and watch a pay per view fight over the weekend.  All five of them had i phones and you know we got 'em too.  The i Phone is pretty catching.
I LOVE the idea long sleeved dresses because I'm always cold
    • I've been a bit of a shopaholic lately.  I purchased 4 pairs of boots since last month!  The last two are Audrey Brooke here and BCBG here from DSW.  Are DSW and Aldo gonna pay my bills?  No.  So why do I keep giving them my money?  I also have bought 2 sweaters and a bunch of long sleeved shirts for Fall.  I'm done!  I swear.  At least I thought I was until a fellow blogger Natalie turned me onto this gem of a website.  Thanks Natalie!!  My original intention was to strike it from the record book and pretend I'd never seen it but instead here I am posting about it and saving the link on my very own blog.  Francesca's Collections has the kind of pieces I've been looking for and can't seem to find in the stores and they even put together outfits for you and set it up so you can easily buy every piece in the outfit to complete your look.  It's perfect for a style challenged person like me.  Just look at that adorable dress; speaking of which I have hardly any dresses.  The prices aren't bad and it turns out they even have a store near where my sister lives.  I MUST resist this store until after the new year.  I've done enough damage already.   
    Thanksgiving is in the air!  We are going grocery shopping this week to get everything we need.  We are going to a big 3-0 birthday party on Saturday night so thank goodness the rain isn't going to start until Sunday when I will be at home all day recovering.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


    Mrs. Pancakes said...

    Lol @ the stories about people in the car...I need more boots in my life! I've seen people in jeans at the gym...don't make no sense!! Have an awesome weekend!

    Natalie said...

    Glad I can be of service for your shopping addiction :) Francesca's has actual stores too, don't know if one is close to you though!

    Tami-scramble said...

    I think California just brings out the weirdos.

    Dancy said...

    Haha I can't imagine seeing a full-on Don Draper at the gym. And I can't even begin to imagine the repercussions to American's waistlines if they added vitamins to donuts.

    Winda Tiodang said...

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    Lil' Woman said...

    Brushing his teeth and spitting in the street?!? Weird and yuck :(

    Faith said...

    haha, some people are so talented. putting full on makeup in your car is a talent. but i wonder about the brushing your teeth in your car. that is just gross to me.

    at my gym they have a dress code. if they didn't people would be wearing flip flops and tweed suits to work out, haha.

    i need to get some shopping on ... i have to buy a few things. ok i don't have to, i want to.

    so excited for Thanksgiving!

    Ameena said...

    You bought 4 pairs of boots last month? Okay so I feel a bit better about the one pair I bought last weekend. :)

    We have Francesca's Collection here too...cute stuff but I have to say that it doesn't wash too well. :(

    People brushing their teeth in the car? That's one I haven't seen yet.