Decorated the Tree and I'm Free

It basically looks the same as last year and I love it!!
After two weeks of being too tired and busy to do it we FINALLY decorated our tree on Saturday.  It's funny that it took us two weeks to get around to it but it only took about 20 minutes once we finally did it.  I even got some presents wrapped to put under the tree.  I don't do a whole lot for Christmas which is nice because there is no stress.  People ask me if I'm "ready" for Christmas like it's some sort of competition or an exam, but there really isn't much to be done.  Our family exchanges names so I have my family gift to buy and something for the husband.  Done and done.  I also get something for my little nephew.  I haven't done that yet  but there is plenty of time.  I'm such a holiday slacker.  I don't even bake.  My husband is actually in the kitchen making these delightful sugar cookies and Turkey soup with our left over Turkey Carcass from Thanksgiving.  The cookies are German.  Don't even bother trying to pronounce it; I can't.  I need more sugar like I need a hole in my head but they sure are tasty.  It definitely looks AND smells like Christmas in here. 

Spritz spezialitaten Cookies
At my job we don't do the whole holiday party thing but they still make us feel appreciated.  Last Thursday there was a holiday reception for the whole district with some really good food.  Our holiday gift this year was an awesome canvas black fold up outdoor chair.  The kind that folds up into a little bag and has a cup holder in it.  Our boss gave each of us a gift too.  Today was our department holiday luncheon at the Prado in Balboa Park.  We had a little banquet room all to ourselves and the food was really good.

I'm picking up my younger sister who is coming in from San Francisco tonight.  Tomorrow we will spend the day and night up at my older sister's house.  I'm so looking forward to spending time with them.  We are going to do fun stuff that sisters do like shop, eat, talk, hang out and watch teen vampire movies.  Yep, we're finally going to go see Breaking Dawn.  Tomorrow also marks the official start of my holiday vacation.  I don't go back to work until Jan 3rd.  For the next 13 days I will be a Lady of Leisure.  My job totally shuts down for the holidays and we don't even have to use vacation time.  My time will be all my own to do with whatever I please.  I've felt so tired and ragged like I always do towards the end of a long year so I really, really REALLY need this right about now.  I am free!! And it feels great.


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Lol at Christmas not being an exam or competition! So true. Tree looks the blue and white stars! Sound like fun times with you sister coming...lady of leisure sounds amazing!! Enjoy your time off!

Anonymous said...

Your tree looks so pretty! And exchanging names is such a great idea! Especially when you're on a budget like I am! Ha. And those cookies look really good! Is that a type of "jelly" in the center? I've never made any like that before.


Tiffany said...

I wish my company would shut down for the holidays! But at least they took us bowling. Better than nothing I guess :)

Faith said...

goodness, i said it last year and i'll say it again ... i freaking wish my company closed down for the holidays. what a treat!

your tree looks beautiful!

have an amazing time with your sister!

Ameena said...

You are so lucky! I would love to be a lady of leisure but really, even if I had a ton of time off from work Maya and Ali would make sure that leisure is still elusive for me.

Enjoy your sister and your beautiful tree! I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Lil' Woman said...

I bake for the holidays but cooking....ehhhhh...not so much

Carla said...

The tree looks lovely!

And I need a job like you -- 13 days off without using any of your own vacation time.. man!

Amy said...

Enjoy the free vacation days! What a blessing!