May Days

Birthday season officially starts for our family in March with my Mom's Birthday.  April is my Dad's Birthday (along with mine) then it really picks up in May with Mj's Birthday, my sister's Birthday and Mother's Day all within a week of each other.  I'm usually on a shopping frenzy in April for myself and then my car registration is due in May so it's usually a pretty heavy load on the budget. It's basically like Christmas in May.

Red Velvet, Lemon and Chocolate w/Chocolate Chips
Mj's B Day was 2 weeks ago on May 2nd and he didn't want for much.  He never does.  Last year I pushed it because it was a milestone birthday but this year I let him be.  It was a Wednesday, he had tons of homework to do and he had a Vegas trip with his buddies that coming weekend.  His actual birthday was pretty much business as usual.  Work and the gym.  I came home and gave him his presents and we ate Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for dinner.  He didn't even want me to make him a cake.  Probably because I suck at baking and if there is any good cake to be made he's better off doing it himself.  I got him some delicious bundtini's from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  They come in full bundt cake size, medium size bundlets and then the little bundtini's.  They are so moist and delicious.  I ate one even though I wanted more and the remaining five were all his.
The pretty mama's
Sunday we all met up at my sister's house to celebrate her Birthday and Mother's Day.   My sister sort of gets a raw deal in a way because her Birthday is May 9th so it's either on or around Mother's Day and especially now that she is a mother we pretty much have to lump her Birthday into one celebration with Mother's Day on the weekend.  We had a good time.  We went out to an early dinner at a place of her choice to eat then we had cake and ice cream back at her house.  Next up is Father's Day in June then my little sis's Birthday is in August.
Burgers & Beer!!!!
This has absolutely nothing to do with Birthday's or family holidays but last  Friday Mj and I went on another Groupon Burger date.  This time it was La Jolla Brew House.  It's kind of a dive but the staff there is so friendly and have you noticed that some of the best food often comes out of dive's?  We had 1/2 lb Burgers, Fries, Beer and a dessert to split all for $18.  Can't beat that.  Gosh I love Groupon!  That burger was so big I could barely figure out a way to get my mouth around it even after it was cut in half.  It was a perfect way to relax and stuff my face after a long and exhausting work week.


Faith said...

i love exciting months like this! when it is over you really appreciate a break.

and i think that a lot of the best food i have tasted comes from dive restaurants.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

That's like october for us...we have a million birthdays including mine. Love how you celebrate with your family!!

Ameena said...

I love how low key your husband is. That's how I feel about my birthday! PB & J all the way.

My September is your May. My Amex bill goes through the roof!

Enjoy your weekend my friend. :)

The Funky Junkie said...

Those cupcakes look amazingggg. I think I just got a bit of a sugar rush looking at them.

My mom's birthday is May 10th so she kind of gets the Mother's Day/Birthday shaft too. We always try to make them as separate as we can though! Mostly because Mother's Day for her is usually spent with my grandmother doing what SHE wants to my mom gets her own day to herself. :)

LWLH said...

Fall is usually our busy time with birthdays but this summer we have lots going on.

Happy Birthday and Belated Birthday to all your fam :)

Amy said...

Pretty busy and happy time for your fam! Why did I start salivating at the picture of those bundtinis? I am such a fatty at heart :)

Janna Bogert said...

Your mom is gorgeous! Your family just has great genes ;) I LOVE all the Groupon deals, but now I have to be choosy since Will is gone. I only get food Groupons for places that I won't mind taking leftovers!

Tiffany said...

Omg I would KILL for that burger right now!!!