Gabby Got Gold

Cha Ching!  This is what happens when you win the AA Olympic Gold [Photo]
What can I say?  The girl is good.  She took the lead after vault and never looked back.  She is a totally changed gymnast from last year.  She was consistent from start to finish.  Even the Russian ballerina gymnast Victoria Komova couldn't stop her.  There was another staring contest with the scoreboard.   All eyes were on it awaiting the results.  Victoria had her hands crossed tightly in front of her chest and with her eyes you could just see her silently begging for first.  She narrowly missed out on a Gold medal to Jordan Wieber at last years Worlds and when it happened again she burst into tears.  Gabby's wins her first AA title at the Olympics.  Not too shabby.
Standing full twisting back tuck on beam [Photo Source:]
I felt so bad for Aly.  She hit every single routine for her team but when it was time to do it for herself she put her hands on the beam and almost fell off which was her first real mistake of the Olympics.  Aliya Mustafina actually did fall off beam.  She's a beautiful gymnast. Having come back from an ACL tear just last year she has to be happy with 3rd even though those Russians want nothing less then Gold.  I would have loved to see two Americans on the podium and Aly was totally capable of it but as we've seen it only matters what you do on that one specific day in that one specific moment.  The worse thing about it is that as you can see from the results below Aliya and Aly actually tied in the AA.  Nastia Liukin lost out on a Gold Medal on bars in 2008 with FIG tie breaker math and now it's Aly on the wrong side of the mathematical equation.  They did some funny formula where whoever had the highest execution and difficulty total on 3 events with their lowest event score dropped got the medal.  Why can't they both just get the bronze?  I'm not sure why it makes sense that this formula is the best way to determine who gets to stand on the podium but as we saw when Jordan didn't qualify for All Around finals due to the 2 per country technicality, rules are rules.  No matter how unfair they might seem.
Golden Girls:  Mary Lou, Gabby, Carly and Nastia [Photo Source:]
Mary Lou Retton won it in 1984, Carly Patterson won it in 2004 and Nastia Liukin won it in 2008.  With that win Gabby Douglas becomes the 4th ever and the 3rd American Olympic All Around Gold Medalist in a row.  She's also the first ever African American to win it.  If she didn't know that moving away from home to train and dedicating her life to gymnastics was the right choice she certainly knows it now.  Her sacrifice has paid off big time and her life is forever changed.  Seriously, how did they get that Corn Flakes box made so fast?  Maybe the whole team will get the Wheaties box!  Not only is she going to be able to cash in on some major endorsements but she has the satisfaction of working hard for a dream and achieving it.  I can't take credit for noticing this on my own but all the letters in Gabby's last name Douglas actually spell out USA Gold when you re arrange them.  Guess it was meant to be.

Based on NBC's coverage you'd never know it but there were actually 24 and not just 5 gymnasts in the competition.  Here are the results.

1. Gabby Douglas (USA)- 62.232 (GOLD)
2. Viktoria Komova (RUS)- 61.973 (SILVER)
3. Aliya Mustafina (RUS)- 59.566 (BRONZE)
4. Aly Raisman (USA)- 59.566
5. Sandra Izbasa (ROM)- 58.833
6. Deng Linlin (CHN)- 58.399
7. Huang Qiushuang (CHN)- 58.115
8. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)- 57.999
9. Larisa Iordache (ROM)- 57.965
10. Elisabeth Seitz (GER)- 57.365
11. Asuka Teramoto (JPN)- 57.332
12. Celine van Gerner (NED)- 57.232
13. Rebecca Tunney (GBR)- 56.932
14. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)- 56.148
15. Emily Little (AUS)- 55.765
16. Rie Tanaka (JPN)- 55.632
17. Dominique Pegg (CAN)- 55.565
18. Jessica Lopez (VEN)- 55.5
19. Marta Pihan Kulesza (POL)- 55.465
20. Ashleigh Brennan (AUS)- 55.332
21. Carlotta Ferlito (ITA)- 55.098
22. Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (GUA)- 54.899
23. Aurelie Malaussena (FRA)- 50.166
24. Hannah Whelan (GBR)- 41.999

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Lacey said...

LOVE her! She's so incredibly gorgeous and so SO talented!

Carla said...

Gabby is just simply amazing. Flawless routines and flawless deliveries! She's an amazing, talented girl!

CeCe said...

She is! Her time has come; pretty cool for her that it also happened to be at the Olympics.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I'm so
Glad everything came together for
Her when it did:-) everything just clicked and that's awesome!!

Janna Renee said...

She is such a cutie pie and so deserving! Way to represent lil' Gabby!!