Confessional Friday

I confess that I was really excited when I went to our free company EAP health screening and found that my body age is 19!  This is calculated by using height, weight, body fat, blood pressure and a bunch of other things.  I don't want to actually be 19 anymore but my body can stay that age for as long as it wants to.  My diet may not always be perfect but I must be doing SOMETHING right.

A shot I got in Amsterdam @this adorable Pancake House
I confess that our Rebel Canon camera makes me feel like a professional photographer even though I am absolutely not. There is something so satisfying about the sound and feel of that powerful shutter clicking in fast succession. I start adjusting the zoom lens and trying for different angles and the next thing you know I feel like I'm doing a photo shoot. I still haven't read the manual so I suppose I have no idea what I'm doing but it sure is fun. 

I confess that I'm a fruity gum chain chewer.  Those fruity flavors like Trident Layers Wild Strawberry and Extra Dessert Delights Lemon square sure are bursting with flavor when you first pop them in your mouth but in less then 45 minutes they have fallen flat and tasteless.  I spit it right out and pop in another.  I buy them in multi-packs whenever possible because I go through them so quickly.
Link up with Leslie @A Blonde Ambition

I confess that we watched four seasons of Son's of Anarchy in about 3 weeks on Netflix.  It takes a lot of dedication to do this.  We typically watched no less then 2 per night and our last episode was often viewed in bed on the i pad.

I confess that I'm so excited that House Hunters is back with new episodes.  I've been loving having a new episode in my queue every day.  Mj got sick of this show a long time ago but I still love it.

I confess that I love shopping but I literally shopped 'till I dropped.  I actually got tired of hunting for items I'd decided that I had to have in stores and online and trying to decide what to buy.  I'm done for now anyways and my bank account thanks me.  I've gotta start saving up for our next vacation and car maintenance stuff that is on the horizon.

I confess that I've had a sandwich for dinner every day this week.  Monday, PBJ.  Tuesday, Roast Beef sub from Capriotti's with a Groupon.  Wednesday, the other half of the Roast Beef sub.  Thursday, PBJ.  And today??  I got my way and Mj agreed to either Subway or Capriotti's for dinner tonight.  If we go with Subway it'll be low fat and if it's Cap's then it will be a major sandwich splurge; The Italian.  What can I say?  I love bread and I love sandwiches!!

I'm really looking forward to a sunny 70 something degree three day weekend.  Happy Friday!!


Faith said...

that is so awesome! 19?! i should do that but i have a feeling it will say 56! ;)

haha, i've been playing around with my camera too and i feel the same way although i really have no idea what i'm doing, lol.

i love, love, LOVE SOA. when Sean calls me his old lady and people look at him like he is strange, i tell them they are missing out on the best show, ha.

have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Try the homemade turkey from Capriotti's. That's what we get every time. SO good! :)


Anonymous said...

I really want a Rebel, it takes such awesome photos. I started Season 3 of SOA last night and I have been staying up wayyyy to late watching 3 or 4 episodes each night. Congrats on the wellness checkup—that is fab news.

Erin said...

Ahh I didn't know House Hunters was new now?! I live for that show. Even though I'm nowhere near the age of buying my own and I know it's half fake. Still. I'm obsessed.

The Sweetest Thing said...

Shopped til ya dropped, eh?!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Wish my "body age" was 19!

I have been debating whether or not to watch SOA on Netflix - I guess you would recommed it? :)

Whitney Cypert said...

I need to start SOA, Garrett has tried to get me to start it for awhile. Do you like it more than The Walking Dead? I love sandwiches too and I have been craving Subway!

Profesora de español said...

Body age 19? That's awesome! I'm afraid what that test would tell me!

I love SOA! My husband and I flew through it probably as fast as you did. Don't go too fast though, 'cuz you'll just end up waiting each week for the new episodes!

I used to love HH, until I bought a house. Now it makes me super jealous of all of the people with tons of money who get everything they want! I still secretly like it though, for design ideas.

Stephanie said...

Jealous of your lovely weekend weather! Hope you get out and enjoy it! Love the new blog design and all the fun confessions...especially the sandwiches!!! So nice to see such a gorgeous 19-year old girl who's down to earth. ;)

LWLH said...

Ha, I wish my body age was 19, I don't even want to know what mine would be.

Ameena said...

Where's your next vacation going to be? I love hearing about vacations!

Totally curious what my body age is now?

Brittany said...

we do "sandwich suppers" a lot too! nothing wrong with a good sandwich :). and i'm a fruity gum chewer hubby hates when he asks for a piece of gum and i pull out a pink strawberry shortcake package. oops! :) hope you had a great weekend, pretty lady!

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

I don't want to know what my body age is *_* I don't think it is 19 like yours!

X Jenny

Kathy C. said...

Love this! Wow.. my body age would definitely be in the 60's... lol Good for you!! I'm with you on the Canon Rebel too...the professional feeling is so awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's awesome. I hope your body stays 19 for a long time. haha! I recently had my blood pressure checked and it's healthy, so I'm happy about that. Losing 55 lbs probably helped somewhat.

Maria said...

i love the sound the rebel makes every time another photo is taken too!!
how awesome your body age is 19!! :)
i found you through whitney. love your blog - your photos are beautiful!
have a wonderful day. xo

Janna Renee said...

Wow...19? You go girl! I think I would be in my early 20's at least...Well, hopefully ;)

Renae said...

Whoa, 19-I wish-lol!! Get it girl!!