Adventures in Juicing

I'm weird and decided to to another juice fast.  Five was hard so this time I went for 3 days and then eating clean and low carb for the last two days. 
The Juice Factory//The Omega VRT350  
I decided not to be lazy and actually make the juice instead of buying it.  If you make it all at once it's really not that bad.  You don't have to cut them into very small pieces and cleaning out the juicer parts wasn't that bad either.  If I ran out and needed some more I'd definitely just go buy it.  Instead of just tossing things into the juicer without counting everything out this time I kept track of how many vegetables it took to make how many ounces of juice.  This will help the next time I'm crazy enough to juice because I'll know exactly how much of everything to buy. 

Just in case you were wondering.

1 cucumber = 8 oz
2 apples =8 oz
4 carrots = 4 oz

3 cucumbers
29 carrots
16 apples
6 oz (4 cups) spinach
8 pieces of ginger root
Equals 148 oz (18.5 cups)

This should have given me enough juice to cover 48 oz per day for 3 days.  Or so I thought.  I counted each pour but my measurements must have been off probably because of all that foam at the top and I was about 8 oz short.   Which is about 2 Apples.  That was fine because instead of juice on Wednesday night I figured I'd just break my fast with a snack.

Nutritional Data per 16 oz
Calories 213
Total Fat  1g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 160mg
Carb 68.5g
Fiber 0.5g
Sugar 45g
Protein 4

In order to come up with these numbers I added up the amount of Fiber in all the fruit being used and subtracted that number multiplied by calories per gram of Fiber which is 4.  I did however leave 0.5 grams of Fiber because I'm sure I'm getting a tiny fraction even through the juicing process.  I suck at math and numbers but when it comes to knowing that the calories in a piece of string cheese is 80 or that 16 oz equals= 1 pound =2.2 kilos = 14 stones or that there are 28 grams in an ounce I know it by heart.  I don't even have to look it up.  Just another mostly useless talent of mine!

The total cost was $22.  I'm still trying to figure out if that seems like a lot of money or not.  It averages out to about $7 per day.  I'm scared of Kale now because I had a really bad experience with it last time.  AFTER washing it but BEFORE I put it in the juicer I discovered a tiny caterpillar that came thisclose to making it into our juice.  The Horror!! Never again will I buy the Kale that has all the nooks and crannies in it.  It has to be the flat kind or pre washed until I'm able to get over that horrible experience.  They didn't have either at Sprouts when I went so I used spinach instead.  Pre washed spinach just to be safe.

Just like last time the first day was the hardest.  Going to bed too late and not getting enough sleep didn't help.  I don't even know how I dragged my butt to the gym on Monday and Tuesday.  On Tuesday I almost drove right past it.  I was sooo sleepy.  Day 2 and 3 were better.  All I could think about all day on Wednesday was the cheese and nuts I was gonna get to eat that night.

For the last two days I've been avoiding obvious carbs like bread, pasta or crackers and sticking to foods with high nutrition density and/or are not processed.  No snack monster allowed.  No candy.  No sweets.  I should probably eat like that every day or at least the majority of the time.  It's not that I'm eating a ton of unhealthy foods it's just that a lot of them are nutritionally void.  You don't get much in the way of nutritional value from Fat Free pringles.  I like to get my snack on and I like to eat like a 10 year old.  For dinner I like to eat Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches or a Cheese Quesadilla and I could eat the same thing every single day.  Mj practically has to wrench the PBJ right out of my fingers to get me to eat the healthy meals he cooks.

It's not a quick fix for weight loss and it's not for everybody.  My older sister won't try it and some believe it's just too extreme.  I had two other bloggers join me and like Mj one of them couldn't make it.  It's not the easiest thing to give up food for days but I've always had a high threshold for tolerating hunger.  I've never been that person that thinks they are about to die if they get a hunger pang.  Another useless talent?  I'm not sure how much of a habit I'll make it but so far it's been really good for helping rid myself of chocolate and sugar cravings and just get back on track.  Sometimes you just need a re set button.


Anonymous said...

I'm still undecided if I would do a juice fast or not. I think it's a good idea for a short time, but I just love food too much lol. And oh my goodness, the horror is right! I can't believe you found a caterpillar in your kale! I would probably never use kale in juicing again if that happened to me!

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Interesting! I would love to do this, but I get very sick if I get hungry and don't eat. Like I'll fall over and have a migraine for days if I just skip one meal. Not sure how juicing would affect that?

The Sweetest Thing said...

I am so impressed! I really need to start doing this...... #needtolose5lbsstat

Whitney Cypert said...

I totally put my hand over my mouth when I read that you found a caterpillar that almost made it into your juice! EW! That gave me the willies for sure. That is one thing I don't like about produce, I feel like bugs have been all over it. You are brave to do another juicing diet, I couldn't do it!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I add juice to my diet, all juice is too much!

Sparkles and Shoes

Faith said...

Wow. You are good. I still haven't done it.

The whole caterpillar thing pretty much just freaked me out though.

Profesora de español said...

I LOVE kale, but the caterpillar thing? That gives me the heeby-jeebies! Glad you found it before it made it into your meal! Not sure if I could handle a juice fast. No food=migraines.

LWLH said...

I'm not even going to try to fool myself, I know I wouldn't be able to handle having no food for a week.

P!nky said...

Well I'm bookmarking this post for when I get a juicer.

It all sound so yummy :)!

M Renaaye said...

I'll probably invest in a juice maker asap. Thanks for the idea! love the blog girly

Jennie said...

One time I thought I'd be adventurous and go on a juicing fast. And then I went through all my apples and carrots to make one pitcher of juice and it tasted nast, so I was over it. Good for you for sticking to it1

PS I am new. I found you because I creeped on your comment over at Life of Bon.