Confessional Friday Time!!

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I confess that it has taken me all week to recover from my weekend Vegas trip.  Today is the first day that I don't feel exhausted, ragged and about to fall over.  If you read my Vegas post you know why.  The day is still young though.  Let's see if it holds.

I confess that next time I go to Vegas I will simply accept that I'm old and can't hang and I'm not even gonna try.  Something about that city makes me want to be up and out and in it all night long but realistically that kind of up all night sleepless Vegas experience is not for me.  I still can't believe my very pregnant friend outdid me.  Okay.  Maybe I can. 

I confess that when I got back from Vegas I felt positively rotund so I did my 3rd juice fast in 2 months.  I was gonna buy juice because I didn't have time or energy to make it but my sweet husband offered to do it for me.  I really needed it.  And I feel so much better now. 

I confess that I really like the word rotund.  It's different, it rolls off your tongue and sounds so much nicer then fat.

I confess that I'm more then slightly bewildered about the prospect of having to pack all over again for our Washington DC trip next week.  Yes, NEXT WEEK and I just got back from Vegas.  There is like no down time and you know how I need my down time. And naps.  We have plans on Saturday day and my busy body husband is trying to get me out of the house on Sunday but I think I need to mentally focus on packing and all that other pre vacation stuff that needs to get done.

I confess that the last time I read a book was in September when we went to Europe. That's 8 months. I used to read all the time but it's just gotten away from me. I feel like I don't have time to make the trip to the library to see what's there. And I can't just see an interesting book and say oh, I'll get that.  My reading options depend on what's at the library.  Yes, I still use the library for books. I'm old school like that. I don't have a kindle and I don't buy them because I hate having to store them when I'm done. Plus, they are super expensive. Now that I think about it maybe that's why I haven't been reading that much. I'll be heading off to the library on Sunday to see what they have for my trip.  Am I the only one still using my library card?

I confess that I want to change my blog name but I'm having a really hard time thinking of something new that I will really want to stick with forever.  For someone who has a hard time coming up with post titles this is REALLY hard.

I confess that I'm two pages under my 15 page monthly goal for my novel.  Today is the last day of May.  Can I really squeeze in two pages today?  Possibly, but not likely.

I confess that I'm terrified of speaking in public.  I've only had to do it once, I forced myself and I actually did a pretty good job but it's a very scary thing for me.  I was nominated at work for Outstanding employee of the year and I was terrified of winning just because I didn't want to have to go up there and say anything.  Not winning was kind of a relief.

I confess that I have a giveaway coming soon!  I know right?  It's been a really long time since I did one. Stay tuned.

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P!nky said...

EEEK! I'm in DC it's awesome

LWLH said...

1. I still have to catch up on your Vegas posts...eek!
2. I can't hang anymore either....lame, party of one right here :)
3. Oooh have fun in DC
4. I'm horrible at coming up with post titles too. Luckily I still like my blog's pretty general so it works for me.

The Funky Junkie said...

HAHA! I was in AC this past weekend for a bachelorette party (NOT Vegas, but my first time experiencing casinos!!!!) and I am totally with ya on feeling like I can't keep up! I started getting REAL cranky when we were still at the club at 3am....yikes. Too funny about your pregnant friend. Have a great trip to DC!

The Sweetest Thing said...

I don't speak in public, EVER. Like, I turn into the most awkward human ever. And I know what you mean about being able to hang... I have never had a 'wild' side so staying up late was not an option for me... I dont think I'd last too long in Vegas!

Law_Fal said...

I love the library! I also like to take my nook into Barnes & Noble to read books for free since actual books are kind of pricey! Have fun in DC and I hope you get to rest some before you leave :)

Profesora de español said...

I have a kindle, but I rarely pay for books. They usually have a pretty decent selection of free books. Also, if I leave my kindle at home, I can still read from my kindle phone app. It's so much easier to travel with than large books. (It's also nice when you finish a book during vacation and you can immediately start another one instead of having to buy one or, *gasp*, not read.)

The public-speaking thing? Strangely enough, even though I'm a teacher and I'm pretty uninhibited in my classroom, I'm terrified of talking in front of adults. My voice becomes squeaky, and I always lose my train of thought and feel like an idiot!

Jasmine Hellogmsunshine said...

Oh I forgot you were coming my way! Well if you have any free time or need some suggestions as to what is popular to go to eat or visit just email me.
And ummm yeah - I have not used a library card since Middle School so you have me beat.
If you change the name you should consider Sincerely Cece. I was considering changing the name of mines also but like you, I can't think of anything at all.

Whitney Cypert said...

Excited about your giveaway! I keep laughing at your Vegas confessions, I swear we would be the best travel buddies! I haven't read a book in awhile either and I usually have one I'm reading but after Gone Girl I just haven't been motivated. I'm jealous of all the traveling you are doing! What are you going to DC for?

Whitney Cypert said...

Ps. You should throw Denver in there! : )

afairlie said...

Right there with you on the blog post titles! They take longer to name than the writing of the actual posts :( Happy weekend!!


Anonymous said...

I hate public speaking too. Seriously, I don't think anybody could be worse or more scared than me. Lol.

When I changed my blog name, it was something that I wanted to do for awhile and I'm so glad I did. Definitely do it if you think of something that means more to you :)

Have a great weekend!

Treasure Tromp said...

I think that it is perfectly okay to confess that hanging is Vegas can be a bit hard sometime :)

Faith said...

I love reading your confessions.

I like the word rotund too!

I always want to change my blog name too. I'm not creative enough to come up with anything original.

That's awesome you were nominated!

And yay for more traveling! DC is awesome!

Susannah said...

It would take me a long time to recover too. You're quite lucky you got to go. I want to travel so badly!!! :-)

jackie jade said...

i haven't been to vegas in a few years but i feel the same way :) i'm just no good at staying up super late anymore! have fun in dc and good luck finding a good book to read! :)
-- jackie @ jade and oak
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TheTinyHeart said...

Haha, I don't think I'd be able to be out all night in Vegas either. My bedtime is usually around 10:30 pm :)

The Tiny Heart
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