It's Tradition

Most of the bodies are concentrated in the food aisle at the top right
Work was a complete ghost town today.  I didn't get the memo about taking the day after The 4th of July off like everyone else, so I was one of the few butts in chairs at the office, and I was fighting sleep the minute I got there.  It was terrible.   I just wanted to be home with my husband!
I get this pizza every year.  It's tradition and so delicious.

We can handle the Ferris Wheel just fine

The Rents
It always goes way too fast, but you have to work with what you get so I made the most of that three day weekend. 

The highlight of the weekend was the fair.  At this point, it may be more about nostalgia than anything else, but I love the fair and even better when I get to go with mom and dad because I've been going to this very same fair with them since I was a baby. We don't even do much, but eat and walk around looking at exhibits but there is something about the fair that keeps me coming back every year.  This year we skipped the animals, and went on the Ferris Wheel.  That's about all any of us could handle.  My mom never liked them, but MJ and I have completely aged out of rides like Mach 1, Mega Drop and the Zipper.  My stomach sinks just thinking about riding those again, and I don't know how I ever did it before.  There were so many bodies crammed into this place.  1,609,481 guests total and 96,501 on the busiest day (July 3rd) made it to the fair this year.  That's A LOT of people.  Traffic getting in and out was terrible, but it was worth it for me.  The the weather was perfect and we had a really nice  day.   

One last breakfast out before they go
There never seems to be enough time.  My parents got here on Tuesday and left on Sunday morning.  We had the fair on Saturday, but I worked every other day throughout the week.  They used to live here and they have a walking addiction so they don't require much in the way of entertaining when they visit.  My mom makes sure to get the Wi-Fi password, and they get a house key to come and go as they please.  They disappear for hours at a time on long walks or visiting with friends.  My dad drinks no less than two gallons of milk, won't let us pay for anything, and is happy as a clam upstairs in their room watching YouTube on his tablet.  They buy food which we cram into the fridge, and they always leave something behind.  This time it was  plums, green onion, plus an extra gallon of milk.  I still don't know why mom bought green onions.  We hang out for whatever time I have left in the evenings after work and before bedtime.  We watch TV and movies on the weekends until nobody can keep their eyes open.  My mom likes to do laundry before they hit the road so we fold clothes together the night before they leave. 

I always tear up a little bit when I hug them good-bye, but we've got some fun things this year and I look forward to seeing them again soon.


Faith said...

I feel the same way about the fair. I don't do much but walk around, take in the sights and eat but there is just something about the fair. I don't do the crazy rides either. I'm all about the kiddie rides now, haha.

Glad you had a great time with your parents!

Tia @ GoodGenes said...

OMG I sucked it up and went on the Zipper the last time we went to the fair. I honestly don't know how those rides make it from town to town in one piece without issues? Or maybe there are tons and I probably shouldn't think about it. :) Sounds like you guys had a blast though!

Tomes Edition said...

Such a beautiful family. Glad you had a great time. I used to enjoy fairs back in the day but haven't been to one recently

Lindsay said...

YouR lil family get together sounds like perfection! It's nice to be able to just sit down and relax in each other's compay!

Catherine Gacad said...

you guys are all so attractive, you should have your own reality show. seriously!