URL Change

Hello Readers,

My blog url has changed to http://mahogany-drive.blogspot.com/

If you follow via Bloglovin' it has been updated.

If you follow me via Blogger Dashboard I think you will need to re-add it in order to continue receiving updates.  Click the add button on the right above the reading list.  This is how to add/delete if you aren't sure how.  Actually, I would love to know if my newest post from the new url showed up in your dash automatically so if that happened please let me know!  I researched it, but am not 100% certain how that will works.

If you have my blog linked anywhere in your blog in a post or on the blogroll I think you will need to re-add it with the updated url.  All my links are broken, and I'll lose readers.  I may regret this.

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