It's Gettin' Hot In Here

When I left work yesterday I was greeted by a wall of heat. When I pulled out of my work parking lot my car registered 102 degrees and dipped down to 97 as I headed inland towards home. So, when I get home there is no hesitation this time about turning the AC unit on or not. I usually will sweat it out a little and see if I can make it but it's way too hot to worry about the electric bill today. It was still warm after the sun went down but I will NOT go to sleep with it on. Let's not get too crazy now. Looks like it'll be another scorcher today. On my way to work at 6:30am it was already 72 degrees.

Lost and found story: As I was getting out of my car yesterday, I found my earring that I thought I'd lost the day of the fashion show 4 days ago. I'd put them in right before I got out of my car and by the time I got the bathroom inside the one in my left ear was gone. Just little cheapie silver hoops but I really liked them. I used to freak out and get upset EVERY time I lost any little thing but this time I shrugged it off and then it just shows up on my seat waiting for me to find it. I love it when stuff like that happens.

So whoo, hoo it's Friday. I am getting together with friends tonight at a place that we simply refer to as "the spot" for happy hour. But it's unlike any other happy hour I've been to anywhere else. We do this about once a month and I am so ready to let loose. I will be doing a quickie wardrobe car change (what girl hasn't EVER done that?) from work drab to party fab into my cute little short shorts and my new high heels that I just treated myself to the other day. They are HOT if I do say so myself. A little out of my "conservative" box but I am ready to rock them today.

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