Some Birthday Fun

I had a really great B Day. My mom got me a Kabuki brush from Mac which I've been wanting for a while but hadn't gotten around to because they are kinda pricey. It is so incredibly soft unlike a lot of my cheapo brushes with bristles falling out. My fashionista little sis got me this adorable double mirror compact. It's the first and only thing I have ever owned by Marc Jacobs. Chances are it will be the last. My big sis got me a Visa gift card which is cool because I can use that as needed for whatever I want. Hubby got me a pair of running shoes with my favorite color in them. Wonder if this is his way of saying that my butt is getting too big and that I need to get back into the gym?

The double date with the rents was fun. We went to a nice restaurant called Paradise Grill where I ordered drink called a Pain Killer. Not nearly enough to put me down but very tasty. We had a nice meal and they even had my favorite dessert on the menu: Chocolate Molten Lava cake. It was good!!

On Friday night I met some girlfriends for happy hour at our fav spot-94. It starts out as happy hour then turns into a dance club. We used to go there way more then I like to admit but now it's not so often that we all just get together there and hang out all night. Yes, there were patron shots involved!! It was a fun time.

Saturday I got a chance to break in my new kicks. I went along to the rec center again with Mj and I got a good brisk 1 hour walk in. The air was crisp and cool, so it was a perfect day for it. The shoes are awesome. They are really comfortable and let your feet breathe. I could actually feel the breeze running through the little air holes. After my walk there weren't too many people around the ballpark area so I could not resist the urge to do some gymnastics in the grass. I started with a back walkover. Then a standing back handspring. And since I hadn't fallen on my head yet I did a round off two back handsprings and side aerials (no hand cartwheels). It was so much fun!! I haven't tried this stuff in years and I could tell my arms were a little weak and my back a little stiff but this old lady still has some skills!! I showed off to Mj that I could still do it. He has never seen me tumble and was maybe just a little bit impressed.

Today we are going to check out our house in progress. Then we are going stop by Mj's friend's house before heading up to my cousin's house to meet my parents for Easter dinner. My four day weekend is almost coming to an end but I have certainly enjoyed every single day of it.


Anonymous said...

VERY cute have a great smile!

Frugalista said...

Thanks!!! : )