Easter Earthquake

We were over at Mj's friends house chatting, eating and having a good old time at 3:40pm when all of a sudden everything on the table started shaking. Then, I noticed I could feel the floor shaking too and everyone was kind of looking at each other with a puzzled look on their face. Usually, by the time it hits you that there was an earthquake and not just your imagination it's over but this one was different. It lasted much longer. I actually had time to process and analyze the situation and say, "Yep this is an earthquake and it's still going." A few people ran to the two open doorways. Even though, apparently that safety measure is outdated and you are supposed to jump under a table.

I just kinda sat there waiting for it to stop. I wasn't too scared for some reason. I have felt them before although they usually don't last for this long. But, for a split second when it didn't stop it got my mind thinking, "What if this is the big one?" Thankfully, it was not. Within minutes everyone was on their phones or laptops looking it up and we found out it was a 7.2 out of Baja Mexico. Usually, I am the only one that seems to feel these things. I felt the 5.5 out of Rosarito on February 1 when nobody else did and barely heard anything about it in the news but this one has got everyone talking. It seems unbelievable that this earthquake was only .2 less powerful then the one in Haiti and there were only 2 reported deaths. One of them was indirectly related when a man ran outside and got struck by a car and killed while trying to run for safety. How sad is that?

There was an aftershock this morning while we were still in bed. I felt the bed shaking but Mj only heard it. Apparently those are supposed to go on for about the next couple weeks.

It makes me wonder if the earth is mad at us. It also makes me wonder if Mj and I should go ahead and get earthquake insurance on our new home. We weren't going to but it might be better to be safe then sorry.

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