The Fair & The Fourth

Do we really NEED Chocolate Covered Bacon? UGGh!!

I love the fair and I think I've gone just about every year since I can remember.  We used to go as a family and now that I am older it's a tradition I've happily held onto and Mj seems content to go along with the program too.  I used to go for the rides but now I go for the food.  I have a wedding on Saturday so I did not get the chocolate covered bacon.  Yes, that's right.  Chocolate Covered Bacon!!!!!  You can even get deep fried butter and deep fried Klondike bars now if you so desire.  They have gone way too far if you asked me.  I got the delicious french bread pizza that I get every single year.  I pretended not to notice that the pizza place may actually have a store that's probably not too far from where we live.  It's easier to believe that I can only get this once a year.  It cost $8.16 at the fair and is probably a heck of a lot cheaper at their store but I simply don't need the temptation.  We headed over to the beer garden after that where we paid about $14 bucks for two beers and sat in the grass outside watching MMA cage fighting while we ate.  Random, I know.  You never know what kinds of things you will see at the fair which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

This year was a little different because we wanted to see a show at 7:30 pm instead of just doing the all day thing like I usually do.  We planned to get there late afternoon but got off to an even later start then anticipated and didn't have time to do a single ride or walk around as much as I would've liked but we still had fun.  At least Mj was here this year unlike last year when he was out of the country.  The Jeff Dunham show was pretty funny and entertaining.  We saw him 4 of his 6 hilarious characters.  I laughed through most of it.
Jeff Dunham with Crochety old "Walter" one of my fav characters of his

Saturday night after the fair we picked up my mother in law from the airport and then Sunday I picked up my big sis!  It was so good to see her.  She is growing another human being inside her body, her feet are swollen, and she has to take insulin shots now that she has gestational diabetes but she's still my big sis and it's nice to have her home.  All of us went up to my parents house for the 4th and spent a nice relaxing day there.

Me and my preggo sis

Monday my mother in law and I went shopping.  We got her completely outfitted for the wedding from head to toe.  I also found my shoes at Macy's.  They are exactly what I was looking for, they were on sale and I had a $10.00 off coupon so I only spent $32.00 with tax.  They are cute and comfy gladiator type Alfani sandals with a tiny 1/2 inch wedge.  I will be comfortable all during the wedding AND have a great pair of sandals to wear afterwards.  I also discovered this great store called Cotton On.  They are based out of Australia.  I am all about comfort and love this store because they have stylish clothing all in cotton and some great prices.  It was not planned but I was able to get my little shopping fix and spend only $23.00 because I found a navy and off white stripped cotton dress for $9.00, a black and white skirt for $5 and a great black shirt for $5.  The dress is cotton, casual and will be perfect to bring with me on our honeymoon.  SCORE!  It's the first shopping I have done that wasn't for the house in a long time.  I'd almost forgotten that stores had other sections besides housewares.

I had a great weekend.  The bad news is that I'm back at work right now and tired but the good news is that It's a two day work week.  I'm taking Thursday, Friday, and Monday off to prepare for and recover from the wedding.  Can't wait.


Faith said...

i know what you mean about shopping for clothes besides house stuff!

i love the fair too! sounds like you had a great wknd!

few more days! how excited are you?!

Steph said...

The fair, yay! Chocolate covered bacon doesn't really sound appealing to me.

Glad to hear some of your family has made it. You must be pumped about that.

Dancy said...

2 days left!! Yay!

I'll never understand chocolate & bacon. LOL.

Jeff Dunham's hilarious though. I like the old guy too - and the alien? I forget his name.

P.S. - Check my blog when you get a chance.