Pretty Pot Goes Boom

We got our first two wedding gifts on Thursday.  Fun, fun, fun!  One of them just so happened to be a very nice set of red stoneware cooking pots with no evidence whatsoever of who sent them.  We searched the box for a packing slip or invoice but there was nothing. You know those expensive registry items you add to your list because you want it even though you don't think anyone will get them for you?  Or just because the store offers 10% off un purchased registry items so you figure you can just buy it yourself after the wedding if you really want it?  Well, these pots were one of those items.  Mj was so excited about them in fact that as he was commenting on how nice and heavy they are he actually dropped one of the lids on our newly purchased coffee table.  The coffee table that is covered in glass and just so happens to be the one single appliance/furniture we purchased that did not offer a warranty or protection plan.  "Yep, baby the pots sure are heavy.  Thanks for demonstrating."  The lid crashed into the table and we looked on in stunned silence as it shattered the glass into a spiderweb of wreckage and sprayed glass chunks all over the carpet.  As we stood there frozen taking in the mess around us we could hear this cracking sound as the glass continued to break even as it already seemed shattered into a million pieces.

Good thing the other gift was a comforter.  I lovely SOFT down comforter.  I stood there with my eyes wide and my mouth open not really knowing where to start with clean up until Mj bent down and started picking up the large chunks one by one so I did too.  Then we got out the brush and pushed glass shards from the table into the box the pots came in.  Then out came the vacuum.  Our coffee table no longer has glass over the top of it but it was actually removable anyways and still looks ok. 

Mj looked at me, put his arms out and asked me if I forgive him for breaking the table.  I replied, "Yes of course" as I gave him a big old hug and kiss.  We can replace the glass later but I can never ever replace Mj.  Accidents happen.  The glass is cleaned up and all is forgiven. 

The only question that remained was...who in the heck sent us these fantastic heavy pots and how will we ever thank them if we don't know who they are?  Then I discovered the tab on our online registry titled "Gift Purchaser."  Thank You Aunt Cindy!!


Silly Girl said...

Good comforters are gold. And you're right, you can replace but not MJ. The big day is coming. I am so excited for you. Enjoy, enjoy!

chelsea said...

Awe, I was kind of riveted by your story telling!! I have a few of those pots on my list as well! You're a lucky couple :)